Perkins Cove Winter

We left West Chester around 8:30 this morning. Joseph has a GPS in his car and we still get triptiks from AAA. But more and more we use WAZE when we travel – even if it’s just for more local trips. It helps avoid traffic jams, tells you what’s going on ahead on the road, etc. It’s a really good app for your cellphone – if you don’t already have it, download WAZE today!

Anyway, thanks to Waze, we made really good time, even in MA where we usually hit bumper-to-bumper traffic.That WAZE app is a really good one! It was looking like we’d be able to meet my friend, Robert, at his new house at 5:30 (earlier than expected).

We got to Roberto’s in Ogunquit just after six. Robert reserved our “usual” table…a high top in the bar area. We found him gabbing with his business partner.

This is my friend Robert Coles, a successful Realtor in Ogunquit Maine

This is my friend Robert Coles, a successful Realtor in Ogunquit Maine

I’m guessing this is the local hangout for realtors on a Friday night. I love seeing Robert. I can’t explain why, but I feel as though we knew each other in another life and had good history. Our history in this life has been interesting…too long to explain…

Within only minutes before I had a smooth Macallan scotch rocks in my hands and was caching up with Robert…about the new “estate” they bought (that was just an idea this time last year) and all the drama around the sale and the move. I knew some of it because, earlier this year, I had a series of crazy dreams in which Robert was the “star” and I knew something was up. An email confirmed that he and partner Michael had incredible problems with the sale of the old house and then, within days of moving, had ice-related roof damage in the new house…almost 100K of damages.

Before long Michael joined us, taking a break from his new store, Extraordinaire in Ogunquit (the Perkins Cove picture above is from the back of the store). He ate quickly and had to go back.

Joseph, Robert and I finished our meal as we continued catching up. I don’t think I needed the second scotch. I was already feeling the first one, which I drank on an empty stomach. So, in spite of the amazing Osco Buco and risotto I had for dinner, I was still a little buzzed when we left the restaurant…and, frankly, I was enjoying it! After the past few weeks, I felt all the stress leaving my body. It was a welcome experience!

Aren't these great-looking bags?!

Aren’t these great-looking bags?!

After dinner we went over to the new store. OMG, they have some gorgeous handbags and jewelry! I was looking for “my girls” – the ceramic bathing beauties I love so much. Unfortunately, they were all at the other store in Cape Neddick. I’ll stop on the way back and get a couple to round out my collection.

Then Robert took us to see the new place. It was too dark to roam the grounds but the house is charming. They did a lot of repair work from the ice/roof problem, but even with that, it doesn’t need as much work as I thought it would.

Though Robert invited us to stay overnight, we passed, preferring to drive to Portland for our first night. We checked into our hotel in Scarborough around 11:30. It was a long day, but a good one – safe travels, good dinner with friends, a clean and welcoming room for the night. What more can I ask for?