The Beginner’s Guide to the Five-Year Marriage

Want to Live the Marriage You’ve Always Imagined?

The one where you and your partner have an unbreakable bond?

Where you both pursue your dreams?

Where you both feel equally invested, equally cherished,
and equally important?

but looking around at other marriages, you don’t think a marriage like that is possible?

Think again!

Now you can make it happen…
I’ll show you how with the Five-Year Marriage!

So you’re probably thinking,
“What will the Five-Year Marriage do for me?”

  • You’ll see how the Five-Year Marriage keeps you from sweeping the rough stuff under the carpet – and how dealing with problems before they become boulders makes you stronger as a couple.
  • You’ll both have space to breathe and grow
  • You’ll preserve your personal power instead of losing it to an unequal relationship.
  • You’ll learn how to set boundaries in your relationship AND have a space to breathe through those boundaries so you feel emotionally safe in your marriage.
  • You’ll learn how to use your Five-Year marriage skills to avoid some of the most common problems in marriage.
  • You’ll learn how to solve problems together – respectfully.
  • You’ll become more trusting of your partner and, coupled with love, you’ll get true intimacy.
  • You’ll build a partnership that helps both of you get what you want and what you need.
  • You’ll love your marriage!

Can You REALLY Make That Happen?

five year marriage happy couple

YES You Can!

Do it with
The Fabulous Five-Year Marriage
Beginner’s Guide.

The Fabulous Five-Year Marriage Beginne’rs Guide is a series of seven modules, each one designed to give engaged and soon-to-be engaged couples (and you single-and-looking women and men) a practical marriage alternative to the conventional tried-but-not-so-true traditional marriage.

If you don’t like what you see happening in traditional marriage, and you want something better and different, you need to try the Five-Year Marriage. It’s unconventional to be sure, but it’s practical.

I know! I’m Annmarie Kelly
and I’ve been using this system for over 30 years,
and through 6 marriages!

Each marriage was with the same partner (Joseph) – yet – because life changed and we changed – each marriage has been very different! We are now in our 7th marriage and life keeps throwing major changes at us! But we stay connected and on track by using The Five-Year Marriage system.

It’s the better way to do “I Do”!

If you’re like me, thinking about marriage makes you nervous about divorce, about losing your personal identity, about getting stuck in a dead relationship. Let’s get outside the traditional marriage box for something better than the other marriages you’ve seen – including your own parents’.

But how do you escape the pitfalls of traditional marriage if you have no clear idea what marriage means to you and what it means to your partner?

The Five-Year Marriage Beginners Guide will show you how!

Your Fabulous Five-Year Marriage starts here by laying a strong foundation for your future together.

How do you make the magic happen?

I’ll teach you exactly how to do that in the Fabulous Five-Year Marriage Beginners Guide.



The Five-Year Marriage Overview

This is your portal to success and the key to making this course a good experience for you.

In this module, I explain everything you need to know to get started and keep going, including:
• How your course is setup
• How to access your learning portal
• The types of tools you’ll be getting – and what to do with them
• Where to get help if you get stuck
• How to access the private FB page, and
• [BONUS] Ten fabulous tips for getting the most out of this course.


How the Five-Year Marriage Works

This is the “no more guessing” module that tells you exactly what The Five-Year Marriage is, how it works, and how “marriage customization” can be a better option than traditional marriage.

The Five-Year Marriage is a system of thoughts, conversations, decisions, and plans that result in your best intimate partnership ever. In this module I explain that system and what you need to do to work the system so that you and your spouse/partner get the most out of your Five-Year Marriage.

Then we explore the five most common relationship traps found in the typical traditional marriage and how, module by module, you’ll create your Five-Year Marriage so you short-circuit those traps – and design a marriage customized just for the two of you – a marriage you’ll love living.


Thinking Outside The Box

It all starts the Curiosity Conversation. This back-and-forth discussion will give you some much-needed (and usually stress-relieving) clarity – about yourself, about marriage, and what choosing this style of marriage means.

The Five-Year Marriage Curiosity Conversation opens wide the doors of communication, first with yourself and then with your partner.
The skills you learn during this module will get you practicing good communication and give you both a head start for framing your expectations for the future.

Don’t know what to say or how to do it? Don’t worry – I’ve got you! First you learn the what and the why of the curiosity conversation. Then you download a basic “script” so you know exactly what to say to guide your conversation.

Afraid you’ll mess it up? No worries – I give you tips for making this conversation less awkward and more meaningful so it’s an easier and more positive experience for both of you.

The Curiosity Conversation is an eye-opener that creates clarity and deepens your relationship.

MODULE 4: Your DTR Toolbox: Purpose and Values

Shared Purpose and Shared Values

You’re in a relationship now, or thinking about being in one soon.
• What does that mean?
• How do you describe your relationship?
• Who are you together?
• Who do you want to be – as a couple – for the next five years?
• Are there cultural differences – and what’s that mean for you?
• Does it mean a loss of independence?
• Are there financial issues?
• Do you fear getting stuck in traditional roles – like the kind you see in other marriages?

This module will you help find the answer to those questions. It lays a foundation for you and your partner so you can figure out what’s most important to both of you – and knowing that will be a guide for how to deal with your life – now and in the future.

At the end of this module, you’ll have a good sense of who you are (or want to be) as a partner, how to make decisions together, take advantage of opportunities, and handle the changes and challenges that will come your way.

This is important for any couple but what makes this special for you, as a unique Five-Year Marriage couple, is that you’ll revisit this step, and revise as needed, at the end of each Five-Year Marriage

MODULE 4: Your DTR Toolbox: Purpose and Values
MODULE 5: Your DTR Toolbox: Expectations and Goals

Expectations & Goals

This is the “nobody gets left behind” module – the one that shows you how to create fairness, emotional safety, and reduce resentment.

Traditionally married couples often complain about unmet expectations – one spouse is living out traditional gender roles and the other thought they were going to be unconventional. Or one spouse feels like s/he is doing all the work of the relationship while the other spouse is getting all the advantages. Or a hundred other not-discussed expectations that eat away at the soul of your relationship.

You’ll avoid this rut with The Five-Year Marriage.
In this module, you have conversations that define your expectations. You’ll get on the same page about what you want to do and where you want to go together. You’ll share your goals and sort them out on a timeline – so one of you isn’t expecting one thing while the other partner has something else in mind.

Also, since you’re learning a system, you can do this again – regularly and at the end of five years.
You two will go further faster when you’re clear about where you’re going together over the next five years. And, if unexpected things happen (and they will) you’ll catch problems before they erode your relationship and pivot to solutions faster.

MODULE 5: Your DTR Toolbox: Expectations and Goals
MODULE 6: Your DTR Toolbox: Agreements and Boundaries

Agreements and Boundaries

If you’re afraid of losing your SELF – who you are – in marriage, or worry that you won’t get the support you need, this is your golden module. In this module you are proactively taking steps now to protect your SELF and your partnership from the inside.

Unspoken agreements and disrespected boundaries have disastrous outcomes for any couple. This module will show you how to design your relationship with clear agreements for the next five years, define your current personal boundaries (your safe spaces) and establish some “house rules” with clear lines of what’s ok and what’s not ok.

What you do here will clarify personal responsibilities and help you deal with problems and resolve conflicts more easily and fairly. Also, you’re learning a “how-to” process so, on the five-year plan, you have a path for revisiting those agreements and making adjustments before your love and relationship get irreparably damaged.

MODULE 6: Your DTR Toolbox: Agreements and Boundaries
MODULE 7: Contracts, Problem Solving & Upkeep

Contracts, Problem Solving & Upkeep

Here I’ll show you how to take everything you’ve been doing and make sense out of it for your partnership, your life, and your happiness.

You’ve been talking about a lot of things, coming to clear understandings, and making agreements. Now you’ll put those into writing.

Also, I know from my own experience that your relationship will definitely hit a few bumps in the road and you can expect at least one wild hurricane with a power outage. I also know that you need to know how to weather the storm and get the power back on – for both of you.

In this module, you’ll:
• Get a problem-solving formula that actually works
• Practice using that formula
• Draft your first Five-Year Marriage Contract, and
• Set up and experience your first Family Meeting
Then you’re on your way to your first Five-Year Marriage – the first of many made-for-you happy ones!

MODULE 7: Contracts, Problem Solving & Upkeep

Is that it?
There’s MORE!

I know you’re learning how to do this, so I expect you’ll hit a couple of snags and need some good answers and useful advice. I’ve got them – or, if I don’t, I know the people who do have them – and I’ll share those answers with you twice a month. Here’s how:

When you start your course, be sure to register for my bi-monthly calls, Then, in the week before, submit your questions and issues. I’ll get the answers or advice you need – and I’ll talk about them on the next call.

And don’t worry if you can’t be on the call. I’ll make the replay available for you.

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