RadioWrap-Up.6.16.17: Signs Of Hope

How did you feel after the last election? Matthew (Levee) Chavez tapped into a lot of feelings. He asked people to express themselves and did they ever! Subway Therapy was the result. Levee is joining Annmarie Kelly to talk about how this unexpected movement got started and what it’s done for people all over the world.
Signs of Hope is due out in October. You can pre-order now on Amazon: Signs of Hope
You can see more at on Levee’s website at and find Levee on Facebook @SubwayTherapy.

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May is Victorious Woman Month
and I’ve created the 21-Day Victory Challenge
so you can build up some of your Victory Muscles
and get into that
Victorious Woman frame of mind!

Here’s what to do:

  • Download the 2016 Victory Challenge
  • Each day I’ll post that day’s challenge on our private Facebook Page where you can talk to me and other Victory Chicks about how you’re doing with the challenge – what’s easy, what’s not, where you might be stuck.
    • On our FB page, you can also get ideas (like remembering things they wouldn’t have thought of until you said it), encouragement, and inspiration for your next victory
    • And I’ll be sharing my thoughts and idea with you too!

Looking forward to doing the 21-Day Challenge and talking about it with you on Facebook

RadioWrap-Up: Radical Forgiveness

RadicalFrogivenessThis encore presentation with Alice Casey and Jane Bouza, from the Awakened Heart Spiritual Center, was about Radical Forgiveness. Alice and Jane give a workshop based on the book, Radical Forgiveness, by Colin Tipping. Joseph and I took that class a couple years ago and got a lot out of it. AliceJaneModern
Alice and Jane have been doing this workshop for a long time and had great tips and examples. The next one they are teaching is in May; You can find the information here: Radical Forgiveness. If you’re interested in the center was peaked, learn more: Awakened Heart Spiritual Center
And, as we say goodbye to summer and start wrapping our way into the holiday season, here are two “feel good” ideas:

  • The new celeb rage for Epsom Salts baths…but it’s an old, old remedy for stiff joints and tired muscles. Learn more about the Edgar Cayce remedy here: Epsom Salts Baths
  • Turning cheap wine into good wine, put it into your blender for 30 seconds. Here’s the segment about it: GMA

Here are today’s two quotes. I got a kick out of this one from President Kennedy: “Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.” I really like that one!
And Joan Lunden said something that’s right in line with what Jane and Alice were saying,

“Holding on to anger, resentment and hurt only gives you tense muscles,
a headache and a sore jaw from clenching your teeth.
Forgiveness gives you back the laughter and the lightness in your life.”

Next week, on September 11, my who show will be about Vision Boards. I hope you’ll join me to learn about this powerful victory tool!
September 11, 3-4pm EDT. Live and local on WCHE1520am and live and on your PC or phone at…just click on the microphone and you’ll be at Happy Hour!


AnnmarieKelly.WCBM_..web_-150x120Brigid is a woman whose finger is on the pulse of the Schulte_(c)Peter C  Heimbergoverwhelmed conundrum. Her New York Times Bestselling Book, OVERWHELMED:How to Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time is what we talked about this week at Happy Hour.
Brigid Schulte had so many good things to say today, about “time is power” and about how overwhelm is affecting the size of our brains and about giving up multi-tasking for chuncking time.I could have talked with her for another hour.
If you want more Brigid Schulte, you can follow her work at the Washington Post: Sign up for her occasional newsletter, Toward Time Serenity, on the art and science of The Good Life: Join the ongoing discussion about making time for work, love and play on her Facebook page: and on Twitter @BrigidSchulte
You can get Brigid’s book on Overwhelmed

I tired to upload the pix of me with Gloria Steinem and Lee Greenwood, but my tech skills got in the way. So go to my facebook page: VictoriousWomanProject to see them.

Today’s quote came from Brigid Shulte’s daughter, Tessa. Brigid wrote that one day she found her daughter sitting in a chair, hugging herself and smiling. When asked her to explain, she said,

“I just love feeling my soul.”

This weekend, take a little time to stop the overwhelm and feel your soul.
And enjoy the moment!

J. Randy Taraborrelli at Book Expo America

J. Randy Taraborrelli at Book Expo America
J. Randy Taraborrelli at Book Expo America
J. Randy Taraborrelli. You might not know the name but you would recognize Randy from shows like Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight. He’s considered the foremost authority on Michael Jackson. A journalist and biographer, Randy has also written biographies of the Hiltons, the Kennedy’s, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe (just to name a few). Most of his books are best sellers. Recently, he also appeared in “The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe” documentary on A&E. That is also the title of the book he signed at Book Expo.
Randy is from Ridley Park in Delaware County PA. AS best as we could figure out, it was one of his cousins whom I taught at St. Madeline School. His sister lives in my town of West Chester.So we had a nice connection. And Randy said he’d love to do my radio show.
So, his next book is about Beyonce. When that book comes out in the fall, Randy’s going to come to Happy Hour in the fall to talk about it. Stay tuned!

The Girlfriend Gala

CathySikorskiPower Posse, the “magic penny” and the caregiver lady! Those are the most talked about “takeaways” this year’s Victorious Woman Celebration, The Girlfriend Gala. And they were only the tip of the iceberg!
If you were there, THANK YOU for coming!! YOU ARE THE REASON I and my fabulous committee do this every year. You and your victories are my biggest passion – knowing that you can make your life the best it can be, and that I can help you, is the reason I get out of bed in the morning.
Of course, we all love that we can help other women. This year, through the Phil-Hanna Fund, we’ll be donating money to the scholarship that will go to a woman of a “non-tradtional” age to help her pursue a nursing degree through Delaware County Community College. DCCC has one of the oldest programs of this kind in the country. It has a great reputation and we’re happy to help!
Sponsors Ease-Up Massage and Pre-Habilitation, Yoder and Armstrong Printers and Delaware County Community College helped get us up and running.
The move to the new venue, Penn Oaks Golf Club, was a good one.  Everyone really liked the place, the service and the food. I heard so many good compliments that I already booked Penn Oaks for May 25, 2016. Mark your calendar now and save the date – you won’t be disappointed!
Then Entrepreneur Jen Groover (Empowered, The Butler Bag, LeaderGirlz) talked about ways to empower ourselves; I’m still hearing from the girlfriends about her impact on them.
Cathy Sikorski (Showering with Nana: Confessions of a Serial Caregiver) made us laugh with her story of how she lost her grandmother – not died, Cathy literally lost her in the mall. It was hilariously too was close to home for many of us.
AS Emcee, I got to talk with the girlfriends and compared my rotator cuff recovery to a renovated “flamingo” motel in Beaufort SC. That motel’s story reminded me that my recovery and renovation, like your personal renovation or your midlife makeover, will start with an idea followed by consistent actions. Also, as I shared with the girlfriends, it’s never too late to start and we’re never too old.
The Prosperity Sisters again treated us to dessert with their Full-Spirited Flavours cakes and Pronto Catering added to the goodies with trays of cookies.
Thanks to my wonderful committee: Helen Gallagher, MJ Hitz, Cindy Falteich, Amanda Bruton, Doreen McGettigan, Pam Mariani and Antigone Gabriel. They worked on getting raffle and auction items, came to meetings, had ideas, and showed up several times during the critical last week to do baskets, SWAG bags and anything else that needed to be done.
Thanks also to Jane Tooey who took pictures. She’s the one who took the pictures here and you can see more, and maybe find yourself, here: Girlfriend Gala