I speak about leadership, goal setting & achievement. Whether I’m at national conferences or local events, I speak to educate and inspire. I do talks for leaders, staff, entrepreneurs, couples who want a modern marriage agreement and women who want to stretch out of their comfort zones.


Here are some of my most popular keynotes and workshops.


Workshops for Leaders | SmartWoman@Work™

Thinking on Your Feet: Presentation Skills for the Nervous Presenter

Do you dread making presentations? Or so nervous you can’t think and stumble around your own words? Whether you’re presenting to group or at a meeting, your ability to engage your audience and get your point across with credibility will determine your success.

Here’s how Thinking on Your Feet will help you give your presentation some personality:

  •  Identify key elements of effective presentations
  •  Recognize a systematic process for developing your presentations
  • Learn presentation do’s and don’ts
  • Learn how to get those butterflies to fly in formation
How To Talk So The Boss Will Listen

Have you ever made a suggestion that was ignored, and then hear someone else make the same suggestion…and everyone listens and loves it? How you say something seriously impacts what you say. If sticky interactions with bosses—and coworkers—have been holding you back, they don’t have to anymore.

In How to Talk So the Boss Will Listen, you will:

  • Identify your own communication style
  • Recognize key behavioral characteristics of other styles
  • Discover how to capitalize on strengths and lessen limitations
  • Learn how you can adapt to different communications styles
Somebody's Got My Back: Making Mentoring Succeed

Eighty-one percent of female executives agree that mentoring is either critical or very important to their career. Yet women often have difficulty making and sustaining these vital relationships. But with a little know-how, you can create mentoring relationships that start strong, generate results and stay productive.

In Somebody’s Got My Back you’ll learn:

  • What to do before choosing your mentor
  • How to choose a mentor who is a good fit for you
  •  Ways to structure the relationship for maximum productivity
  • Resources to help you and your mentor partner successfully

— Note: This program is designed for mentees, but mentors and mentoring teams/partnerships are welcome.

What You Need To Succeed

Successful professionals set goals, create strategies, and follow their plans through to a successful conclusion. Yet so many of us sabotage our efforts by overcaring for others while leaving little time to focus on ourselves.

In this workshop you’ll learn five common sense and powerful strategies that promise to boost your Victory Quotient (VQ) to career-transforming levels.

What You Need to Succeed shows you how to:

  • Get control of your career
  • Fuel your dreams and
  • Fire up your emotional energizers, so you can get and stay motivated.
Breaking Through Your Personal Glass Ceiling

Successful professionals set goals, create strategies, and follow their plans through to a successful conclusion. Yet so many women get stuck in unproductive behaviors: lack of focus, distractions from goals/objectives and overcaring for others are just a few.

This workshop teaches five common sense and powerful strategies that promise to boost Victory Quotient (VQ) of your women managers to career-transforming levels.

Breaking Through shows women how to:

  • Get in the drivers seat of their career
  • Identify sabotaging behaviors
  • Fire up their emotional energizers
  • Get and stay motivated
  • Deliver productivity with quality for your company

Workshops for Women | New Beginnings

Get Your Victory On

Are you happy with your life? Are you satisfied? Do you feel stuck and want to reinvent your life or at least find a better way forward? You don’t have to settle for whatever you can get. Instead, you can choose to go after what you want – and get it!

In Get Your Victory On you’ll get started on ytour own victory path by learning:

  • The four lifestyles that either support or thwart your victory
  • Three essential victory-supporting skills you must develop
  • How to use the Victorious Woman Model to get help and support
  • How to take your first steps toward your next victory
Breaking The Cycle of Overcare

Are you overworked and feeling overwhelmed? Are the pressures of balancing work and family leave little time for taking care of yourself? Have you been thinking that you may be just two steps away from burnout? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, you’re probably in overcare. It’s time to break the cycle.

In Breaking the Cycle of Overcare you will:

  • Understand the burnout cycle and its effects
  • Recognize how your lifestyle may be sabotaging you
  • Identify your personal drains and fuels
  • Start using techniques for filling in the G-A-P-S
Finding Your Voice

Do you find that you are speaking in your own voice, or telling someone else’s story? When you speak to others, are you being heard? Your Voice isn’t just about the words you use. It’s that sincere “something else” that comes across in how you come across to others, how you interact with family, friends, your community and your work, let’s others know that you are a woman of substance and worth listening to and being with and it’s “the thing” that sets you apart from others.

Finding Your Voice will challenge you to:

  • Think about who you really are and what Your Voice is
  • How Your Voice is critical to your success
  • Five keys for finding the power of Your Voice
  • How to use Your Voice for your success
Vision Boards

You’ve heard about the Law of Attraction for creating the life you want. Now it’s time to get busy! Use your Vision Board to attract personal and professional goals, reshape your life around one theme, or develop a deeper life experience. Your personal Vision Board will be one of most powerful tools for achieving your goals and attracting the life of your dreams!

In Vision Boards, you will:

  • Learn what a Vision Board is
  • See what different Vision Boards look like
  • How a Vision Board works using the Law of Attraction
  • How you can use your Vision Board to get what you want


Power Up! Tips for Finding and Using Your Personal Power

Description coming soon.

Turning Points, Restarts, and Do-Overs: Your Stepping Stones To Success

Description coming soon.

JumpStart: Strategies for ReInventing Your Life in Mid-Life

Description coming soon.

Leading Lady: Victory Secrets That Take You from Average to Awesome

Are you the leading lady in the production called your life? If not, what’s stopping you? Why settle for average when awesome might be right around the corner? No matter where you are now or where you’ve been and no matter what has happened, you can step up or start over and become the celebrated star of You Inc.

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