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Empowerment Tips
to Improve Your Relationship

The Marriage Curiosity Conversation

the curiosity conversation freebie

Looking for the Curiosity Conversation Cheat Sheet? You’re almost there. Click here to get started!

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Non-Traditional Marriage – A Recipe for Success

Romance Challenge - spark your relationship

When I got married, I didn’t want to lose my personal power or sense of self as I saw happen to my girlfriends. Those relationships would crush their spirits – often leading to divorce, or ‘living together loneliness’. […]

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Avoid This Wedding Planning Mistake!

wedding day planning

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and getting it all right is important. You’ll think about the clothes, the location, the vows, the food, who gets invited, where they sit, hairstyles, color schemes, favors, decorations, and […]

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Ignite Relationship Romance with 3 Simple Habits

august is romance awareness month

August is Romance Awareness Month! Ready for some Romance? Wait – are you thinking it’s too late for romance, or that you’re single? Hmmm…what if it’s not too late, OR what if the romancing you need is with the relationship you have […]

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The Secret Recipe for a Successful Marriage

feed a dying plant

Everything Beautiful Needs Attention or it Withers and Dies Your beautiful marriage is no different. Life changes and stuff happens. You, your partner, and your relationship change along with it. You need to reset to get back in […]

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Empowerment Tips
to Jazz Up Your Life

Forget ‘New Year, New You’. Try This Instead.

new year - look inside and 'bounce back'

It’s HERE: Your Brand New Baby Year! Are you noticing the same thing I’m seeing this New Year? There aren’t as many of the traditional “New Year New You” pieces on TV – at least not like in the […]

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Happy Holiday Greetings!!

happy holidays from annmarie & joseph

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about jump starts. It’s a popular term that’s loved by many of us in the teaching/coaching world. And for good reason. The dictionary defines a jump-start as “to impart fresh or renewed energy to something.” FRESH. […]

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Do You Feel A Little Stuck? Wanna Get Unstuck?

lost, unsure midlife woman

If you feel like your life has too much fizzle and not enough sizzle, you aren’t alone.40% of women in midlife feel the same way right now. If you’re ready to re-ignite your personal sizzle, join me for […]

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Halloween Horror! Christmas Songs Already?

Holiday dinner - personal happiness

A few days ago, on Halloween, I was driving to my office, happily admiring the last of the oh-so-vibrant fall colors (I think they’ve been the best in years), and listening to the radio. As I drove downhill […]

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Work With Me

Who is Annmarie Kelly?

Since the publication of my first book, Victorious Woman: Shaping Life’s Challenges into Personal Victories, I’ve been in the business of helping women identify, plan, & pursue their personal goals so they can have a life they love living.

Through workshops, seminars and small group coaching, I guide women through exercises that help them reconnect with their inner passions, and create a realistic, concrete plan. I also teach them strategies to overcome common hurdles and hang-ups while providing accountability and inspiration. Many of those techniques are discussed in my second book, Victory by Design.

With the publication of my third and latest book – The Five-Year Marriage: Shifting the Marriage Paradigm – I expanded my empowerment work to include relationships. I recently launched a complementary online webinar – Love after Lockdown. It’s the introduction to my newest course, The 30-Day Relationship Reset.

In addition to online & tele-training, I am available as a keynote speaker or guest author for conferences, affinity groups and retreats.

Books By Annmarie Kelly

Victorious Woman Shaping Life's Challenges into Personal Victories
The Five Year Marriage - by Annmarie Kelly
Annmarie Kelly, speaker, author, lifestyle influencer for women over 40

Victory Chicks Radio

Pour yourself a glass of wine, mix a mojito or splash some scotch over ice and join the fun with Annmarie Kelly and her latest expert guest as they talk about things that matter to midlife women. 

Victory Chicks Radio - empowerment podcast for midlife women

Podcasts available on Youtube, iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify, & Spreaker.com

What Women Have Are Saying:

Great relationship guidance. [The Five-Year Marriage is] a must read for everyone wanting strong, loving, and continuously growing relationships. Family meetings serve as a communication tool to create open dialogue leading to better understanding and acceptance.

~ Kate DiPronio

[Annmarie’s] advice and coaching was superb…all of the participants found it a valuable experience.

~ Educational Programs Administrator, CHASE

Victorious Woman! is an uplifting book EVERY woman should read. The stories are a testament to what can be achieved through the power of purpose and optimism…you are left with a true sense of hope that anyone in any situation can find a way to victory.

~ Theresa Hummel-Krallinger, Laughologist