Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Common Interview Questions

  • What inspired you to write Victorious Woman!?
  • How do you define the victorious woman?
  • What constitutes a victory?
  • Is being proactive the only thing that sets these women apart?
  • Once a woman is Victorious, does it end there?
  • You talk about creating a Victory…is that the same thing as a goal?
  • How did you find the women you interviewed?
  • How did you choose the women whose stories you told?
  • How did you chose the different challenges,e.g., starting over, domestic abuse?
  • What made a woman’s story interesting to you?
  • Did you have some kind of process for selecting women to interview?
  • How many women did you speak to and how many did you include in the book?
  • In your book you outline the Stepping Stones. What are they?
  • What are those characteristics?
  • If you had one thing you wanted women to know, what would it be?
  • Are the Stepping Stones a kind of 1-2-3 formula?
  • You mentioned that an Advancing Woman develops her skills. What is one key skill that you would suggest a woman develop?
  • What is the best tip you can pass along to women who want to create a victory?
  • What is the most common mistake that women make that impedes victory?
  • How can women prevent that from happening?
  • Do you think men are to blame for women’s problems?
  • Why is the book called Victorious Woman! not Victorious Women!?
  • What do you think is the greatest difference between this book and other self-help books?

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