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The Five-Year Marriage: Advice For Couples

five year marriage happy couple

The Five-Year Marriage Provides Great Relationship Advice  So many people want to achieve their happily ever after through marriage, and yet many people also acknowledge that marriages often fail. Couples who are wary of the topic of marriage but […]

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Is Your Marriage Dishonest?

is marriage dishonest?

The dishonest marriage often has an innocent start. It happens when one or both partners aren’t truthful with each about what’s happening within the marriage. Very often it starts with one partner not being straight-up about some internal change. The change is likely to be the result of a significant emotional event…

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The Five-Year Marriage: Making Your Marriage A Priority

The Five-Year Marriage Helps Engaged Couples Learn To Prioritize Their Marriage  Many people today have mixed opinions about marriage. Many are aware of the high divorce rates in our country and rightfully worry that marriages won’t last. At the same time, many of […]

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Should A Marriage Be A ‘Forever’ Agreement?

rebuild intimacy in your marriage

Are You Really Ready For ‘Forever’? Marriage Advice For Engaged Couples  Engaged couples, if the ‘forever’ aspect of marriage makes you feel uneasy, you aren’t alone. Forever is a long time – longer than any one person can truly comprehend. What if […]

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Can You Fall in Love Again?

valentines tips for single's and couples

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s that time of year for…chocolate! And, oh yes, for celebrating love. Frankly, not everyone in a relationship is happy about doing it. Covid confinement has been rough on many relationships. Last year a woman said […]

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Why Do People Get Married?

The Five-Year Marriage Gives Couples A Fresh Perspective On Marriage  Marriage isn’t something that should be taken for granted, and yet, all too often couples get wrapped up in planning for a wedding without planning for the marriage to follow. If you want […]

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“Old School” Marriage Vs. The Five-Year Marriage®

senior couple prevents gray divorce

Engaged Couples Find Unique Advice For Marriage Plans In The Five-Year Marriage®  There comes a time in many long-term relationships when a couple asks themselves – is marriage for us? Couples who find themselves questioning the idea of marriage can gain […]

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Empowerment Tips
to Jazz Up Your Life

Are you Putting Off Your Midlife Reinvention?

MidLife Reinvention

Does your midlife reinvention feel stuck? Is there something holding you back from taking that next step in your personal life or your career? You might be surprised to find the problem is something small… and here’s how to fix it!

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Single on Valentine’s Day? Fall in Love Now…

midlife women valentines day tips for self love

So, it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re single and unattached. Can you still fall in love? Actually…YES! But how and who with? As one woman, who reinvented her life after 40, recently explained, she’s been hurt too many times […]

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Strike up the Band & Light the Fireworks!

new midlife reinvention & relationship advice website launched

Well, I’ve been listening to you. I heard your frustration navigating my websites. Hard to find info, slow load times, outdated content… I heard you and made a MAJOR CHANGE!

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A 3 Step System to Achieve Your Goals

Watch this video, I tell you the 3 steps needed to accomplish ANY GOAL! This system ALWAYS works, but you’ve got to work the system. The steps sound easy, but knowing exactly what each of the steps are […]

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It’s a Brand New Baby Year! 3 Tips to Reach Your Goals

advice for achieving goals

It’s a brand new baby year, Victory Chicks! And Yayyy! The last one grew whiskers pretty fast and we were ready to see it go months before it was over. This fresh new year gives you a blank […]

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Can You Be Nancy Drew?

A recent segment on Sunday Morning featured the Nancy Drew books and got me thinking about midlife reinventions. In the beginning… I started my first book series with the Bobbsey twins. By the time I had my fill […]

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Is Someone Stepping on Your Toes?

boundaries for midlife happiness

Stepping on your toes, invading your space, crossing a line, ignoring your wishes – whatever you call it, when somebody does it to you, it feels bad. It means they went beyond your personal limits, also known as […]

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Who is Annmarie Kelly?

Since the publication of my first book, Victorious Woman: Shaping Life’s Challenges into Personal Victories, I’ve been in the business of helping women identify, plan, & pursue their personal goals so they can have a life they love living.

Through workshops, seminars and small group coaching, I guide women through exercises that help them reconnect with their inner passions, and create a realistic, concrete plan. I also teach them strategies to overcome common hurdles and hang-ups while providing accountability and inspiration. Many of those techniques are discussed in my second book, Victory by Design.

With the publication of my third and latest book – The Five-Year Marriage: Shifting the Marriage Paradigm – I expanded my empowerment work to include relationships. I recently launched a complementary online webinar – Love after Lockdown. It’s the introduction to my newest course, The 30-Day Relationship Reset.

In addition to online & tele-training, I am available as a keynote speaker or guest author for conferences, affinity groups and retreats.

Books By Annmarie Kelly

Victorious Woman Shaping Life's Challenges into Personal Victories
The Five Year Marriage - by Annmarie Kelly
Annmarie Kelly, speaker, author, lifestyle influencer for women over 40

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Pour yourself a glass of wine, mix a mojito or splash some scotch over ice and join the fun with Annmarie Kelly and her latest expert guest as they talk about things that matter to midlife women. 

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What Women Have Are Saying:

Great relationship guidance. [The Five-Year Marriage is] a must read for everyone wanting strong, loving, and continuously growing relationships. Family meetings serve as a communication tool to create open dialogue leading to better understanding and acceptance.

~ Kate DiPronio

[Annmarie’s] advice and coaching was superb…all of the participants found it a valuable experience.

~ Educational Programs Administrator, CHASE

Victorious Woman! is an uplifting book EVERY woman should read. The stories are a testament to what can be achieved through the power of purpose and optimism…you are left with a true sense of hope that anyone in any situation can find a way to victory.

~ Theresa Hummel-Krallinger, Laughologist