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Where Victory Chicks meet for inspiring and empowering chick chat!

We are excited to announce a new chapter in the Victory Chicks  Radio history! We are now a podcast that is available on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify &

Listen to “Victory Chicks Radio w Annmarie Kelly” on Spreaker. Check this space for our guest lineup and other exciting announcements!
Previously known as The Friday Happy Hour on WCHE 1520 AM radio, you can listen to recordings of many of the those inspiring and empowering shows.

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Annmarie chats with Kelly about her midlife reinvention from political consultant into her most interesting “bohemian” lifestyle. Hayes-Raitt is 54, single, and having the time of her life!

Annmarie and Carole chat about handling tragedy – a cheating spouse, a terminal illness, a financial burden – bad things happen to good women all the time. Whether it happens to you or your girlfriend, you’ll want to hear Carole’s advice.

Annmarie chats with Ann about her personal reinvention and shares insight on what gets in the way of reinventing for many women – maybe you.

Annmarie Kelly chats with Cathy Sikorski, eldercare attorney about how to avoid paying for your parents nursing home costs, changes to social security that prevent you from collecting on your spouse’s income and the sex talk you may need to have with your parents! (Did you know seniors are the group most likely to get a sexually transmitted disease?)

Annmarie Kelly chats with Kerry Hannon about career transitions in midlife. They discuss the best approach to making a big changes and the small, achievable steps to make those huge changes happen. Not only do you need to pinpoint and focus on your desires, you need to setup your personal finances so that you haven a financial environment to make your dreams a reality.

February is the “love month” and Annmarie invited Dr. Craig Malkin to join her to talk about love. Actually, they’re talking more about something that gets in the way of love: Narcissism.

Listen to more episodes on the Victory Chicks Radio Youtube Channel!

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