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Victory U – Products to help you achieve Victory

Victory U is a collection of workshops, classes, teleseminars, webinars & books that will provide skills and techniques to help you handle adversity, transform obstacles into opportunities, achieve positive change at home or at work, or to become a leader. These products will get your ideas flowing and get you moving in the right direction!
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Happy Hour on the Radio

Annmarie interviews a wide variety of experts, some who tell stories of victory, others who inform or motivate and still others who will make you laugh. They talk about the trials and triumphs of mid-life reinventions, empty nests, aging parents, relationships, money and…sex! Pour yourself a glass of wine, mix a mojito or splash some scotch over ice and join the fun with Annmarie Kelly and her latest expert guest as they talk about things that matter to midlife women.
Most Happy Hour listeners tell Annmarie that what they like most about the guests is that the on-air conversations sound just like the ones they have with girlfriends over lunch, tea or happy hour. Tune in every Friday at 3pm. Annmarie is at WCHE Learn more!

Victorious Woman Contest

The annual Victorious Woman Contest celebrates women like you, who have triumphed over seemingly overwhelming obstacles…survived abuse…broken through glass ceilings…beaten cancer, addiction or other disease…successfully built a small business …navigated a difficult separation and transition…and positively changed their life! Contest opens in March – visit the Victorious Woman Contest Website for details.
You can also read the inspiring stories of past winners: 2014 winners | 2013 winners | 2012 winners

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Stop By Kelly’s Cafe

Leadership and career advice for Women
Kelly’s Café is both an advice column and a monthly coaching call based on the questions YOU submit. Annmarie Kelly helps inspire and empower midlife women with advice and skills to handle adversity, to transform obstacles into opportunities, to achieve positive change at home and at work, and to become leaders in their lives, careers and communities.
Do you have a question? Want some advice? Need an unbiased opinion? Here’s the place to get it. Send in your questions!
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The Girlfriend Gala

Girl Friend Gala Table Setup

What Would You Do Without Your Girlfriends?

How many times have your girlfriends been your support team – and you theirs – through life’s rough patches and tough times? And, when you’re on the victorious side of a challenge, aren’t they the BEST ones with whom to celebrate the success?
Of course they are – and The Girlfriend Gala is the place to do it!

Meet Annmarie Kelly

Whether she’s working with corporations, women’s leadership groups or professional associations, small businesses, government agencies, or with individuals, Annmarie Kelly encourages women to LIVE VICTORIOUSLY – out loud and in living color. She works primarily with women who are late Boomers and GenXers who are starting over after a life transition OR who are looking for a second chance for a successful career and a happy and satisfying life. Annmarie helps them develop their personal victory strategy for transforming adversities into opportunities. She encourages every woman to embrace the powerful “feminine victory” within by stretching out of their comfort zones and into authentic, personal leadership. Learn more about Annmarie.

Midlife Makeovers

Do you feel like you’re running out time? That it’s almost too late to fulfill those dreams of yours? Don’t give up yet!
No matter what’s happened, you can still take control of your life and stretch into the fabulous-ness that your soul is yearning for. Here’s where you can get you started …and keep going!
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Career Reinvention

Whether you’re starting a business, ramping up your career or embracing a long denied passion, this reinvention is for you.
Midlife is the time when you can drop the facade you needed to get through the first half of life. Now that you’re less concerned about pleasing others, try on some new behaviors, take some risks and get in the lead. Now’s the time to really step into your feminine power and win – and you can do it! Explore Career Reinvention >

Downshifting Made Easy

You won’t be going quietly into that dark night, will you? Of course not! Not you!
You still have passions you want to explore and itches in your soul that you want to scratch. With so many hopes and desires, it’s easy to get distracted.
We’ll show you how to get it all done and have fun doing it!
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