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Annmarie Kelly is the founder and principal of SkillBuilder Systems. Founded in 1994, the consulting company specializes in interpersonal communications and personal performance improvement.

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Annmarie Kelly is the expert you are looking for when it comes to Leadership Skill Building, Management Development, Employee Training, Women in the Workplace solutions, and Personal Performance Improvement. She is a keynote speaker, seminar trainer, victory coach and the author of Victorious Woman! Shaping Life’s Challenges into Personal Victories. Her topics include:

  • Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Goal Achievement
  • Managing Change and Transitions
  • Mentoring Relationships
  • Mentoring for Women
  • Women in Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence

Through SkillBuilders Systems and Smart Women@WorkTM, Annmarie works with companies to help their managers build management skills, and assist employees in improving productivity by building communication and behavioral skills. Over the years, she’s developed and delivered courses in goal achievement, interpersonal communications, presentation skills, leadership, emotional intelligence, mentoring, stress management, and time mastery. Many of her curriculum modules are solution-focused programs based on the DiSC® model of behavioral styles, and other recognized learning models.

Since the publication of Victorious Woman! Shaping Life’s Challenges Into Personal Victories in 2005, Annmarie utilizes her corporate skill building expertise to design programs that are tailored to the needs of woman in corporations and government, women business owners, and women experiencing a transition in their work or personal lives. She is an expert in helping women advance in the business world, navigate a difficult transition or start over.

Annmarie’s “Women at Work” column is published monthly in the Small Business newsletter, Success Connections, and she blogs regularly for NAFE, the National Association of Female Executives, as well as on her website at annmariekelly.com. Her articles have appeared in local and national publications and she regularly provides expert opinion for a variety of publications.

Visit the Work With Me: Corporate to learn more.

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