Curiosity Conversation Beginners Guide

Now that you’re thinking about how your relationship can benefit from the Five-Year Marriage® you’ll be thinking about the first step – the curiosity conversation – and you might be wondering what you’re supposed to talk about in that conversation.

To get you started, I’ve created a short guide and list of questions for you and your partner – a Curiosity Conversation Beginners Guide Cheat Sheet. It’s absolutely FREE.

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Tips for Having a Great Curiosity Conversation

1. Start with an appointment, and get it on your calendar

2. Pick a quiet location outside of your house:  cafes, lounges, and local parks all work well

3. Get a sitter if you need one. The Curiosity Conversation is just for you two – no kids, babies, friends, or family allowed

4. Make a copy of the questions so that each of you knows what the conversation is about (Nobody needs to be blind-sided or surprised)

5. Give each other some time – about a week is good – to think about your answers on your own

6. Keep notes — You’re very likely to get great ideas when you aren’t focusing on the answers – like while you are driving or walking, or standing in line – so capture it easily in a phone file

7. Remember YOU LOVE EACH OTHER, so lead with love, in both your shares and your answers.

8. Whatever happens in your Curiosity Conversation STAYS IN your Curiosity Conversation.