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Annmarie Kelly watched her friends change when they got married, and not always for the better. She saw many marriages lose their luster and end in divorce. Worse than that, too many marriages didn’t end in divorce but should have – for the health, happiness, and well-being of the couple, and their children. After a while, Annmarie started thinking that marriage wasn’t such a good deal – especially for a woman. After working hard to become independent, she got to wondering if marriage was really for her.

Yet, at the same time, she was tired of going it alone in life. She wanted the tender relationship of marriage that included both partnership and intimacy.

It wasn’t until she found a man she could consider marrying that Annmarie found a better way. Instead of settling for the “till death do us part” stranglehold, Annmarie opted for a different kind of partnership. It’s one that is short-term and contractual.  The Five-Year Marriage™ isn’t some simple old-school idea for renewing your vows. Instead, each marriage is separate from the last, making it new and unique. Each one challenges the status quo of traditional marriages.

The Five-Year Marriage™ totally changes the way couples view marriage and, more importantly, how they live it. As a partnership, the Five-Year Marriage™ asks couples to be present with each other, focus on communication, and consciously embrace life’s changes. It empowers couples to live their best life together…but just for five years.

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