Sweating at the Summit of Day Mountain

You know how I believe in victory stretches? Today I got two chances to get out of my comfort zone and stretch into some bigger experience!

We’re already feeling sad that vacation is almost over, and we’re determined to make the most of the couple days that are left. After a bowl of cereal, Joseph loaded up the backpack and we left for our planned hike up to the summit of Day Mountain.

On two other trips, we did the Day Mountain carriage trail. That trail goes around and around the mountain to the summit. While it has great views along the way, it’s very easy and fairly long. Joseph and I have a big hike planned for tomorrow, so we wanted more of a challenge than a carriage trail typically offers.

By comparison to the carriage trail, the hike just goes straight up to the top, crossing the carriage trail a couple times. Naturally it’s shorter but, before the hike, I don’t think I considered about how really steep it was going to be. In addition, it rained overnight and the rocks and boulders were wet; it was a bit challenging.

At the same time, we were the only ones on the path. That could have been because it was only 9am when we started. But by the time we reached the top, we ran into several bikers and a couple runners who chose to jog up the less rocky side of Day Mountain. We met them as we were heading down and back to our car.

We got  back to the cottage, cleaned up and headed for Northwest Harbor to meet one of Joseph’s clients, Cilla, for lunch and a ride on their boat. That was an adventure…stay tuned!

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