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You know Dawn Wells as Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island. That show was only on for three seasons – just ninety-eight episodes. When it was over, some of the actors wanted to distance themselves from it. Not Dawn Wells. She embraced the whole experience. Dawn Wells parlayed those sitcom episodes into an almost fifty year career of personal appearances, books and interesting relationships. Now in her 70’s, this interview with Annmarie Kelly is inspiring, informative and, as you’ll hear, Dawn Wells is every bit as charming and fun as the character she portrayed.
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Susan Tolles, whose empty nest left her with friends who wanted her to play golf, eat lunch and shop. She wanted more…and got it.  susantolles
Lu Ann Cahn is the Emmy-winning journalist who was a fixture on Philadelphia’s NBC station for almost 30 years. A few years ago, she got stuck in a clash between her award-winning journalistic skills and “the new way” of journalism with all the social media that her station wanted her to embrace. She resisted because, after all, she’d been very successful for a long time doing it her way. It was her daughter who challenged her to start a blog. LuAnn decided to dare herself to do something different every day for a year. The author of the engaging book, I Dare Me, took time to talk with Annmarie Kelly about how she got out of a midlife rut and got back her savvy sizzle. cahn
Janice Kaplan is a respected journalist, a Parade Magazine past editor in chief and the author of the NY Times bestseller, The Gratitude Diaries. She’s interviewed people like Matt Damon, Daniel Craig, Michelle Pfeiffer and Jerry Seinfeld. Who would think she’d get into a rut? But, in midlife, she did. Janice said it was a conversation with Michelle Pfeiffer that started her thinking about gratitude. She turned gratitude into a one-year project that, she says, transformed her life. Janice shares her insights and experiences with Annmarie Kelly during this enlightening and fun interview.
Gloria Hoffner, the veteran journalist who got laid off after filing a gender discrimination lawsuit. She used the loss her one 30-year old career into fuel a whole new and fun career – one she loves even more than her old one! gloria_012

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