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Success and Failure Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.Congratulations!

By registering for this workshop, you’ve just taken one GIANT success step!
Thank you for purchasing the Optimal Living Workshop!
EVENT DETAILS: Time & location To BE Posted
So here’s what to do:
1 – Complete the assessment.

  • Within twenty-four hours you should receive an email with a link to an assessment page and a personal, one-time use code. If you don’t, email
  • When you are ready, click on the link and enter the code.
  • The assessment will take about 15 minutes to complete.
    • Before starting the assessment, make sure you pick a focus area, e.g. work, relationship, home. As you are choosing your responses, think of how you act in situations in that focus area.
    • TIP:  Don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your answers. Instead choose the one that is your first gut reaction. Studies have found that first reaction response to be the most accurate.

2 – Download the report. When you complete the assessment, you’ll get an email with info about you. Read it over and have it with you when you sign on to the webinar.
3 – If you have questions, email them to me, Annmarie Kelly, at with the subject line: “Question: Optimal Living Success Workshop”. I’ll answer your question in Kelly’s Cafe. I’ll also invite you to an upcoming Kelly’s Cafe Coaching Call (date/time to be determined).
And there’s more:
Bonus #1: How to Write a Goal
When you finish this section and choose a goal(s), make sure each goal is SMART:

  • Specific
    You need to know exactly the direction you want to go. Avoid giving yourself nebulous words. Instead of “more” money, be specific: $10,000 more or 10% more than last year. This is the “who-what-when-where” of your dream.
  • Motivational
    When you write down all the things you’ll get when you achieve this goal want this, make sure those things really excite you. When obstacles come your way (and they will!), you need to look at this list to remind yourself why your really want it. Those are the things (reasons/benefits) that will keep you going! This is the “why” of your dream.
  • Actionable
    If your goal isn’t really actionable, you won’t be able to make a plan or your plan will be disorganized or somehow meaningless. For example, one woman from a past class said her goal was to move to Arizona. Yet every time we talked about it, she had more reasons for not achieving that goal for achieving it. She didn’t want to leave her grandkids, she didn’t want to do the work of putting her house on the market, etc. Each time we talked about taking action, she had her reasons (and those reasons became excuses). Her goal wasn’t one she was willing to act on. So it wasn’t actionable, at least not at that time.
    This step is important because it paves the way for the “how” of your dream.
  • Results-focused
    This one is about the end-game instead of day-to-day activities. It helps you think in terms of priorities and remember to evaluate your overall performance instead of everyday successes and failures.
  • Time-specific
    Give your goal an end-date. This one reminds you to get off your duff and get moving.

Bonus #2
Values Tracker 

“Values before Vision”: Download the values tracker and, when you are organizing your goals, think about them in relationship to your values.
Bonus #3
How To Make A Vision Book

These are the instructions for one of the best tools you’ll ever use for achieving your goals. It activates the “law of attraction” in a positive way. What I mean by that is this: you are always using the law of attraction, but maybe not in a way that benefits you. The Vision Book/Board will change that pattern from negative into positive.
Bonus #4: Victory by Desgin E-book
Download it here.
Bonus #5
Kelly’s Cafe

Got questions? Send your questions to me at with “Kelly’s Cafe” in the Subject Life. I’ll answer questions from you and others like you (anonymously) online at Kelly’s Cafe. And also, from time to time, I’ll open the phone lines for a special goals-focused Kelly’s Cafe group coaching call. I’ll put you on my mailing list so you will know what it’s happening.

What’s next?
Once you get this far, I can help you get through the challenges you are likely to face. I’ll help you keep you going when obstacles come your way or when you feel so weary you think you’d like to quit. I can help you with one-on-one coaching. And also, here are a few teleseminars/webinars that can help:

  • Vision Boards: Learn how to use the law of attraction using a Vision Board or Vision Book (or both). It includes the dos and don’ts of making a Vision Board/Book.
  • Breaking Through Your Personal Glass Ceiling: Great tips for letting go of the “excess baggage” that’s holding you back from being who your really are and doing what you really want to do.
  • How To Talk so People Will Listen: It’s all about the relationships. But you have to communicate effectively so that you get heard and get your point across. This webinar includes a DiSC personal profile that gives you a wealth of personalized insights.

To find more information about all our upcoming events, including any upcoming Kelly’s Cafe open-forum/Q&A teleseminars, and to register, go to: EVENTS.
And remember: Victory is that stretch you make inside that takes you from where you are to that greater, fuller and more wonderful expression of the real you. Goals and successes come and go. But VICTORY lasts forever!
I’m looking forward to connecting with you again – and I hope it’s soon.

Have a Victorious Day!


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