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Want to Make the Most of
Your Brand New Baby Year?

Join the
Savvy Sizzle Master Class®
5-week workshop begins January 10, 2017
6:30 – 8:00 pm
985 Old Eagle School Road Suite 502
Wayne, PA

This program takes you, Step-by-Step, through the lifestyle makeover that let’s you ditch the frump and fizzle of the old year and start the new year with SAVVY SIZZLE!

Want to have more than a New Year’s resolution that goes by the wayside in a few weeks?  The SAVVY SIZZLE MASTER CLASS is what you need!

  • Do you have a BIG DREAM you want to change into your new reality?
  • Has a divorce, empty nest, illness, or lost job pushed you in a new direction?
  • Are all those years of ignoring your SELF are starting to catch up with you?
  • Want to stop feeling like you’re getting old and your best days are behind you?

It doesn’t matter if you choose the change or life chooses it for you. You can use the Savvy Sizzle Master Class.
This class will get your year started on the right track…and keep you going. And you don’t even have to leave your house!
If you want to start feeling the passion and excitement- and hope – you used to love feeling, join Annmarie Kelly and the Savvy Sizzle Master Class.

This class is for you if you…

  • Fear like time is speeding up and you still haven’t fulfilled that one dream or scratched that one itch that’s been in your head (maybe for years!)
  • Feel overwhelmed by the pressures of everyday life and want to break free
  • Feel stuck and in a rut, but you don’t know what to do…so you do nothing
  • Feel frustrated and don’t know why
  • Make excuses like “I’m too old/overweight/tired” or “What’s the point, nothing ever changes?”
  • Wish you could get back the EMOTIONAL ENERGY that gave you the physical energy to get things done?

Join Annmarie Kelly and the Savvy Sizzle Master Class.

Enroll in Savvy Sizzle Today!


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Here’s what the Savvy Sizzle Master Class® will give you:

Stop Wishing and Start Doing
Stop Wishing and Start Doing
  • Freedom to Express your REAL SELF
  • The Power of Direction over Distraction
  • More Self-Confidence
  • Greater Self-Esteem
  • Support from your Savvy Sizzle Sisters
  • More Encouragement to Follow Your Dreams
  • A Sense of Purpose with Passion
  • More Moments of Sheer JOY
  • Personal success

Here’s what you’ll DO during the
Savvy Sizzle Master Class®

  • Find your spirit
  • Live with Authenticity
  • Have a reason to get out of bed in the morning
  • Break through barriers
  • Choose what brings you joy and meaning
  • Design a life that is in tune with the woman you are today instead of that good girl you’re tired of being (and getting nothing back)
  • B-R-E-A-T-H-E
quote-veInspired me to finally take action for turning my secondary business into my primary one.
~ Ava, Small Business Owner

Here’s what you’ll GET with the
Savvy Sizzle Master Class®

  • FIVE 90 minute classes, in person with Annmarie Kelly, in Wayne, PA
  • The weekly Savvy Sizzle Workbook
  • Victory by Design e-book
  • A private Facebook Page with Annmarie and the Savvy Sizzle Sister Community
  • AND THERE’S MORE (see bonuses below)
I enjoyed this workshop very much. It gave me insight into a decision I’ve been putting off.
~ Donna, Small Business Owner

Here’s the OUTLINE of exactly what you’ll get in each module:


Life Reimagined: Restarts and Do-Overs

  • Life Assessment: If this is YOUR time now, your next chapter, how will you get filled up?
  • Values before Vision: Learn how to clearly define your values. No matter what you want, you’re values reign supreme…knowing them is critical
  • The four lifestyles: what they are and how to shift lanes if yours is sabotaging instead of supporting you
  • Authenticity: lining up your goals with your values

Spreading Your Wings – One Step at a Time

  • Designing Your Savvy Sizzle Lifestyle
  • Refining Your Goals
  • Victory Vampires and Credibility Busters
    – How to keep from sabotaging your success

Stepping Stones: Connecting the Dots

  • How to Create Your Own Doable Plan – one you’ll actually use!
  • Identifying Pitfalls
  • Five Tips for Overcoming Obstacles
  • The fail-safe technique for Solving Problems

Turning Point: You’re Hot & it‘s NOT Menopause

  • Dealing with Change: The four stages of change, what to expect and how to be ready for each one
  • The Empowerment of “No”
    • Four foolproof ways to say it
  • Igniting Your Passion: Three ways to Empower Your Dreams

Taking Action: Put Magic into your Savvy Sizzle

  • Annmarie’s “magic” list
  • Five Must-Have Power-Boosters
  • Victory Teams and Masterminds
I loved it and I feel inspired to work harder to “go confidently in the direction of my dreams.”
~ Pat, Financial Planner

And there’s more! When you join Annmarie Kelly and the Savvy Sizzle Master Class you’ll get these TWO great bonuses (a $417 value):

Bonus#1 – “Getting Unstuck Audio Series” ($297 value!). Interviews with inspiring women who have given themselves a midlife reinvention:

You know Dawn Wells as Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island. That show was only on for three seasons – just ninety-eight episodes. When it was over, some of the actors wanted to distance themselves from it. Not Dawn Wells. She embraced the whole experience. Dawn Wells parlayed those sitcom episodes into an almost fifty year career of personal appearances, books and interesting relationships. Now in her 70’s, this interview with Annmarie Kelly is inspiring, informative and, as you’ll hear, Dawn Wells is every bit as charming and fun as the character she portrayed. dawn wells on friday happy hour with annmarie kelly - career reinvention
Susan Tolles, whose empty nest left her with friends who wanted her to play golf, eat lunch and shop. She wanted more…and got it.  susantolles
LuAnn Cahn  is the Emmy-winning journalist who was a fixture on Philadelphia’s NBC station for almost 30 years. A few years ago, she got stuck in a clash between her award-winning journalistic skills and “the new way” of journalism with all the social media that her station wanted her to embrace. She resisted because, after all, she’d been very successful for a long time doing it her way. It was her daughter who challenged her to start a blog. LuAnn decided to dare herself to do something different every day for a year. The author of the engaging book, I Dare Me, took time to talk with Annmarie Kelly about how she got out of a midlife rut and got back her savvy sizzle.
Janice Kaplan is a respected journalist, a Parade Magazine past editor in chief and the author of the NY Times bestseller, The Gratitude Diaries. She’s interviewed people like Matt Damon, Daniel Craig, Michelle Pfeiffer and Jerry Seinfeld. Who would think she’d get into a rut? But, in midlife, she did. Janice said it was a conversation with Michelle Pfeiffer that started her thinking about gratitude. She turned gratitude into a one-year project that, she says, transformed her life. Janice shares her insights and experiences with Annmarie Kelly during this enlightening and fun interview.
Gloria Hoffner, the veteran journalist who got laid off after filing a gender discrimination lawsuit. She used the loss her one 30-year old career into fuel a whole new and fun career – one she loves even more than her old one! gloria_012

Bonus#2: One year membership to Kelly’s Café ($120 value!). This monthly coaching call answers your questions, gives you tips, tickles your inspiration and boosts your motivation.

What are you waiting for?
A money-back guarantee?


If you do the work and aren’t satisfied with the class,
I’ll give you your money back!


Enroll in Savvy Sizzle Today!


$697.00Add to cart

quote-veThis workshop was very motivational – it made me examine myself and where I am in life.
~ Pat, Executive Secretary

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