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The Savvy Sizzle “NO REGRETS” Master Class®
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Are you living life by design…or by default? Are you wondering what’s next, and afraid that, whatever it is, you won’t like it but you’ll be stuck with it. STOP IT. Stop hiding your beautiful bright light under that old bushel basket.
Stop wondering if you’re running out of time.
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Listen to Me! Confidence-building Communication Techniques for Women

LittleGirl-WithMega-phone.Igor-YarutaHave you ever made a suggestion at work (or with family or friends) and it’s ignored only to have someone else make the same suggestion a few minutes later and everyone thinks it’s great? How frustrating is that?
Available as: Teleseminar
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Online and On Demand: Victorious Woman Webinar

It’s easy to live your life based on someone else’s life plan – a parent, a spouse, your social group, even your kids. If you are like most women, you like to help people and also like approval, so it’s fairly effortless to step into the “best supporting” player in your own life. As a result, without even realizing it, you can forget what you really want and what makes you really happy.
for only $47.00, you get this 1 hour seminar, plus a special bonus: A free autographed copy of my book “Victorious Woman, Shaping Life’s Challenges into Personal Victories”  (shipping & handling not included)
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I Love My Life: Mastering the Art of Vision Boards

Vision Board: Law of attraction - achieve the life of your dreamsLearn how to Use Vision Boards to Create the Life of Your Dreams

You’ve heard about the Law of Attraction for creating the life you want. Now it’s time to get busy and start using it. Vision Boards are powerful tools for that can magnetize your personal and professional goals, reinventing your life or getting that “one thing” – car, house, lover – you dream about having. This webinar is both informative and FUN!
Why Wait? Start attracting the life of your dreams now!

Breaking the Sabotaging Cycle of Overcare

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