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Finding Your Voice

You know how it is. You get busy juggling your career with child and/or parental caregiving, home responsibilities, carpooling, family social calendars, and…and….the list sometimes seems endless. Your multiple roles often overlap and sometimes just wear you down. There are moments, or seasons, when finding a Voice for your passion, product or service can be the most challenging part of the job.
So how do you help yourself? Use these tips and techniques to get to your own personal best.
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Are You Being Snookered by Time?

There’s a funny idiosyncrasy about time management: you can only manage the time you have, not the time you wish you had. Sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, most people try to ignore that fact. Maybe you’re one of them. For example, did you set goals (or made resolutions) in January and get fired up with motivation, only to be disappointed by February because you couldn’t seem to find enough time to work on those goals?
Instead of unconsciously succumbing to self-sabotage, try these time management tips to give yourself the support you need to succeed!
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