Happy Hour on the Radio 2014

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December 26: Dawn Wells

Remember Gilligan’s Island? Were you a Ginger or Mary Ann Fan? If you said Mary Ann, and I’ll bet most of you did, you won’t want to miss next week’s show. My guest is Dawn Wells. Her book, What Would Mary Ann Do? was published this fall and she’s coming to Happy Hour to talk about it, from a midlife woman’s perspective. You don’t want to miss this fun show!

December 19: Michele Dunleavy

Michele Dunleavy on Happy Hour Radio Michele Dunleavy is a fitness enthusiast with a passion for Stress Management. Combined, her formula for happiness is “THINK Well, ACT Well AND BE Well.” She’s coming to happy hour to talk about de-stressing now to enjoy your holidays and about how to gear up for success in the new year. www.simplifyyourstress.com

December 12: Mary Lou Quinlan

Join Annmarie Kelly and Mary Lou Quinlan as they take a look at good girl syndrome and how to get “Time Off For Good Behavior”

December 5: Christi Cavallo

Psychic Christi Cavallo will be doing mini-readings for almost the whole hour. You can call in any time. If the line is busy, call back. Here’s the call-in number: 610-701-9243

November 28: Deborah Norville

DNorville_03-018_F1 Thanksgiving is a time when we’re thinking about being grateful. But Inside Edition Anchor Deborah Norville wants you to know that there is a science to being grateful – and it will help you in 2015 to achieve your goals and positively change your life. Deborah Norville is coming to Happy Hour to talk about her best-selling book, Thank You Power.

November 21: Vicki Pynchon & Cristina Fontanelli

static.squarespace.com fontenelli
Negotiation expert Vicki Pynchon’s take on why women are sabotaging their ability to get more money, better positions and more. Then, you most likely know Cristina Fontanelli from PBS or from her specials with Jimmy Kimmel, tune in to hear what she has to say during Chick Chat.

November 14: June Davidson

junedavidson Life Reinventions – you think you want one, but you don’t know how to get started. That’s why June Davidson is coming to Happy Hour. She’s going to tell you what you need to know and then do an actual coaching session with a caller. If you want 2015 to be your reinvention year, you don’t want to miss this show!

October 7: Cathy Sikorski

Cathy Sikorski (2) You loved her info and humor the last time, so I invited Elder Care Attorney Cathy Sikorski to come back to Happy Hour. This time we’re talking about new laws for Power of Attorney, Long Term Care Insurance and something called Filial Support – about how a nursing home can make you responsible for your parent’s bill.

October 31: Susan Solovic

15293800136_5e5b0cc125_m CNN, Fox Business, MSNBC – Susan Solovic is a regular guest on all of them. As THE small business expert, award-winning serial entrepreneur Susan Solovic has spoken to thousands of people around the world. Now she’s coming to Happy Hour. If you are thinking about starting a business, or growing the one you already own, you don’t want to miss this week’s Friday Happy Hour!

October 24: Ginny Robertson

tn_1_community_photo Why Are You Here?That’s what we’ll be talking about with Ginny Robertson, President of Ginny Robertson LLC, an organization that “Connects Women Around the World to their Gifts, Their Purpose and Each Other.” She facilitates workshops, conferences and retreats and speaks to large numbers of women’s groups throughout the year. She is also the Founder, Publisher and Editor of On Purpose Woman Magazine, a free publication distributed in Maryland and online. It’s designed to assist women in leading richer, fuller lives, the magazine has been in circulation since 2003. Ginny came to happy hour to talk about something near and dear to women in midlife transitions: rediscovering their purpose in life.

October 17: Kim Becking

kim Until she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Kim was living the “happily ever after” life with her high school sweetheart. A practicing attorney with one child, it seemed like she had it all. And then she didn’t. Find out what Kim found was even harder to handle than her disease.We’re talking breast cancer and life reinvention with 12-year breast cancer survivor, Kim Becking from www.lookingforwardlivinglife.com.

October 10: Linda Slavin

20140807_091227-1 No More Silence It’s Time to Talk! Linda Slavin is a speaker and author with local and international organizations Take Back the Night, Break the Silence, No More and Love is not Abuse. As a survivor it is important for her to share her experience…

October 3: Carolyn Flood discusses Mental Health Awareness

carolynFlood-th Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week and I invited Carolyn Flood to Happy Hour to talk about this taboo topic. Carolyn is a licensed professional counselor who practices with a non-profit Mental Health agency.

September 26: Marcia Reynolds

marcia-orange-small-light-150x112 She wrote Wander Woman: How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction after she couldn’t find any books or research about women who were smart, strong, and driven to do good work at home or at work..

September 19: Peggy Klaus

headshot_peggy_03 Author of Brag! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It will be joining us for happy hour!

September 12: Colleen Fitzpatrick

Colleen’s coming to Happy Hour to talk about career reinvention, her DNA projects and also how you can find out more about your own genealogy.

September 5: Lu Ann Cahn

Lu Ann Cahn is the author of the inspirational memoir I Dare Me, an entertaining look back on a year that changed everything for her.

August 22: Sharon Pinkenson

Sharon joins us from the Greater Philadelphia Film Office!

August 15: Psychic Christi Cavallo

Christi is bringing you messages from “the other side” with mini-readings. Find out what’s going on with your love life, career, a new goal…or whatever else the spirits want to give you.
Learn more.

August 8: Gloria Hoffner – Career Reinvention

Find out what happened when mid-life journalist lost her job, and hear what she did to turn things around.

August 1: Why LinkedIn is essential for your career

Linked in is your ticket to career success! Facebook and Twitter get all the popular attention, but if you are in the working world, LinkedIn is the ticket. And if it isn’t for you, then you have to hear Annmarie’s conversation with LinkedIn Expert Donna Serdula.

July 25: Get your Mojo back!

theresa-rose Feeling like you’ve lost your mojo? Want to get it back? Tune into The Friday Happy Hour with Annmarie Kelly and her guest, Theresa Rose. They’re talking about getting your mojo back and Theresa Rose has some great tips for how to do it.

July 18: Find your voice and Speak up!

Ever feel like you have no voice? No, not laryngitis…but no voice to speak up… for what you want, for you boundaries, to promote your success. Mimi Donaldson is Annmarie’s guest this week and they’re talking about how to find your voice and use it for all you’re worth!

July 4th Holiday – no show

June 27: Caregiving

Cathy Sikorski (2) One of the challenges of midlife is caregiving. We’re busy taking care of our kids, our parents, and ourselves; it can be hard to keep up. Sometimes the biggest challenge is knowing what to do, where to turn for information and who won’t rip you off while you’re caregiving.

June 20: Summer Reads!

I will talk to authors and readers and you’ll got some great ideas for summer reads.

June 13: Looking for Love… Again! Nancy Plummer

nancy plummer all about love Nancy Plummer is coming to Happy Hour to talk about romance and dating – whether you’re looking for love again in mid-life or just want to put some romance back into your marriage, you’ll want to join us Friday June 13 to hear what Nancy has to say.

June 6: Julie Cohen

Feeling overwhelmed? With so many roles, so little time and even less energy, it’s hard to figure out how to make it all work, and work in balance. Julie Cohen has an answer. Join us to hear about Julie’s seven keys to work-life.

Feeling overwhelmed? With so many roles, so little time and even less energy, it’s hard to figure out how to make it all work, and work in balance. Julie Cohen has an answer. Join us to hear about Julie’s seven keys to work-life. – See more at: /victorious-woman/2014/06/04/happy-hour-june-6-find-seven-keys-balancing-work-life/#sthash.FJrSSdQX.dpuf

May 30: Melissa Dribben – Age and Aging

Melissa Dribben turned 60 a few months ago. Unlike a lot of women who would hide that fact, the Philadelphia Inquirer columnist wrote all about it with her special blend of reality humor. Melissa is coming to Happy Hour and talking about milestone birthdays, life as a woman of 60 and “facing the future unflinching.” Join us at Happy Hour, 3-4pm, WCHE 1520AM and www.WCHE1520.com

May 23: Edwene Gaines

EDWENE4 Edwene Gaines has made a 100% commitment to the transformation of the abundance consciousness of the world.

May 16: The Prosperity Sisters

Cake Girls-02 with product 2013 Their story is a good one of difficult, persistence and victory. And, when they tell it, you can’t help but laugh…hard

May 9: Susan Torello

10482633_1476021385981289_5406855497732000168_n Susan Torello is a professional organizer, certified in home staging and owner of First Impressions Chester County LLC based in West Chester, PA. Sue guides clients to meet their home organization or relocation goals by providing personalized organizational techniques, home staging, home downsizing and relocation services.

May 2: Psychic Christi Cavallo

ChristiCavallo Christi is bringing you messages from “the other side” with mini-readings. Find out what’s going on with your love life, career, a new goal…or whatever else the spirits want to give you.

April 25: Dorothy Leeds: Can Questions Change Your Life?

Dorothy Leeds thinks so…and she’s coming to the Friday Happy Hour to talk about it. Dorothy will explain why and how questions can change your life. She’ll also tell you the best questions to ask and how some of your communication could be chipping away your power.

April 18: Easter

Denise Hay 300 Small Easter stories.

April 11

a018afcf1d0bc769affc484762955b66 Denise Hay loves helping women look and feel fabulous – and that’s what she’s going to help you do when she comes to Happy Hour. Denise is sharing great ideas on how to keep your wardrobe and yourself looking smart, sexy and spirited!

April 4

0e0d10b Ever have an idea for a business, think it was too crazy and forget about it? Michele Scott did too, and she turned it into a success!

March 28: Jen Calabro and Suzanne Ellis

Financial fitness
Jen Calabro and Suzanne Ellis talked about ways that you can boost your financial power. I also talked about you, I wonder what challenges you’re facing now and if your challenges are like the ones I’m facing.

March 21: Kay Fittes

Kay Fittes
Kay Fittes, CEO of High-Heeled Success, LLC, is on a mission to show career-oriented women skills to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors that put us at a disadvantage in the workplace. It’s never too late to unlearn patterns that shoot you in your high-heeled foot!

March 14: Barb Sherf

Remember all those stories your mom and dad told you? There was a day when you probably got tired of hearing them, but now you probably wish you’d written down. It’s not too late – either for your parents or for you (to give to your kids). Legacy Planner Barb Sherf will tell us how!

March 7: Kay Presto

March is Women’s History Month and the amazing Kay Presto is joining us for Happy Hour. Long before women were accepted “in the pit”, Kay built a career as an auto racing journalist! Also joining us is college student Alessa Young – could she be next Danica Patrick?

February 28: Rebekah Beneteau

Pleasure Evolution!

February 21: Kelley Connors

_MG_6587 copy Join me along with Kelley Connors, MPH, who is the founder of an on-line community and on-line radio show called Real Women on Health (RWoH). Also, joining me for Chick Chat, is Sharon Kelly Hake. Sharon launched Great Dames, Inc which helps women leaders bring skills and passion

February 14: Psychic Christi Cavallo

ChristiCavallo Christi is bringing you romance from “the other side” with mini-readings. Find out what’s going on with your love life, career, a new goal…or whatever else the spirits want to give you.

February 7: Donna Beasley

Donna2 With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Donna Beasley is talking about places to go and things to do. Check out her magazine: https://romanticgetawaytravel.com/

January 31: Danielle Keperling

170a481 Thinking about starting a business? Hear about how and why Danielle got started in this family-owned business, how she used marketing to build her success, and where she’s going from here.

January 24: Women, Communication and Leadership

Peggy Best Peggy Smith is coming to Happy Hour to have a conversation Peggy and I have had more than once. We’re taking a look at why so few women are interested in stepping into leadership in the workplace.

January 17: Tyranny of the Queen Bee


Join me and WomanTalkLive’s Ann Quasman for some Queen Bee talk.The “Queen Bee syndrome” was label as such in the 1970’s. “Queen Bee” was an unflattering term given to women who “made it” in the business world but didn’t help the next group of women coming up. Why, forty years later, are we still talking about it?

January 10: Robbie Motter

4495776 Robbie Motter has been my mentor for years, and a friend for almost as long. I met Robbie through the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE)…

January 3: Show preempted by WCU Basketball

Radio Show Guests:   20182017| 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013

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