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December 27: The Year in Review

ChampagneCelebration A look back on 2013.

December 20: Ann Keeler Evans

ann_keeler_evans The Twelve Days Of ChristmasWant more success and victories in 2014?Get ready with the most unique Twelve Days of Christmas tips.

December 13: Cherry-Lee Ward

Cherry-LeeWard.1 Want to SUPERCHARGE your 2014 goals? You can do it! Shamanic healer Cherry-Lee Ward has great ideas and a couple rituals that will help welcome the changes and push you past the challenges. And Cherry-Lee has a special offer for you too!

December 6: Focus on Holiday Challenges

JJ Geronimo discusses dealing with difficult people
The condescending sister, the bully brother, the know-it-all spouse of your best friend…the can suck the happy out of happy holidays. This you don’t have to be a victim to other people’s bad behaviors…
Molly Nece talks with us about the loss of a loved one
Also, local author and business coach Molly Nece was talking with someone who recently lost a spouse. What Molly said to him wasn’t something she thought out…

November 29: Happy hour with Eileen Rockefeller

EileenRockefeller Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Rockefeller?If you’re thinking that all that money makes life easy, you might be wrong. According to Eileen Rockefeller, while the money is good to have, it doesn’t smooth over a lack of confidence, self-esteem, or self-worth.

November 22: Attitude of Gratitude with Sharon O’Connor

What happens when you approach life with an Attitude of Gratitude? A LOT! Whether you place more value on research or inspiring stories, the evidence abounds. Focusing on the positive in your life not only attracts even more abundance but allows for a more peaceful and fulfilled life.

November 15: Happy Hour with The Woman’s Advantage

Mary Cantando: Nov 15 Victorious Woman Radio Mary Cantando of the Woman’s Advantage is Annmarie’s guest this week on Happy Hour. Mary is the Founder of The Woman’s Advantage® Roundtable. She helps women start and grow their businesses. The Roundtable is a highly-structured, content driven program that helps women with small businesses get them to the $1 Million level and beyond.

November 8: Fawn Germer Talks Women and Leadership


If you’re a woman who doesn’t run with the herd, you’ll want to be at this week’s Happy Hour with Annmarie and Fawn Germer. I’m going to ask her what she’s learned from some the famous women leaders she’s interviewed – including the strategic move that got her an interview with Hillary Clinton.

November 1: Susan Baroncini-Moe

Susan.BlueJeans Meet Susan Baroncini-Moe, author of Business in Blue Jeans at the Friday Happy Hour. I got Susan’s book in the spring and, when I read it, I felt like we studied at the same place because our ideas are so much alike. However, I learned some new tips and that got me excited.

October 25: Emotional Wellness and Sex

be_victorious Miley Cyrus recently told NBC Today Show’s Matt Lauer that she was getting her sexy on now while because she’s heard that after 40 it’s all over. Lots of women were laughing themselves silly…but not everyone thought it was funny. In mid-life, so much happens to our bodies, our self-esteem and our partners.

October 18: Emotional Wellness, Women and Depression

Carol-Kivler Yes, we’re talking about depression – something that cheats us out of too many hours of our lives. My guest this week is Carol Kivler. Carol suffered from depression and took drastic steps to get well.

October 11: Fighting Back Against Domestic Violence

Domestic Abuse Awareness Darlene Green knows the statistics all too well. She’s lived them. Darlene’s sister was killed on her 30th birthday after celebrating with co-workers. When she got home, her boyfriend said it was too late. They argued and he shot her.

October 4: Where’s the Funny?

comedian-at-girlfriend-gala A couple years ago, some writer (a guy) wrote a provocative article titled “Why Women Aren’t Funny.” Are women less funny than men? You might be surprised at how much you’ve laughed and enjoyed so much comedy by women – and many of them from our own area. But there’s more to comedy than meets the eye.

September 27: Selling in a Skirt


Smart and Savvy Judy Hoberman joins us for the whole hour to talk about women in business, how we communicate and what women need to do to make time for what’s important to them.

September 20: Living Life Beautifully!

Join me and my guest Kate Waite to talk about how she learned to live beautifully in spite of a high school chemistry fire that left her disfigurement and a divorce that left her devastated and realizing the she loved the man but didn’t love herself.Then, Doreen McGettigan will join us for Chick Chat.

September 13: Starting Over After 40

wendy Susan Tolles is a Midlife Reinventions Expert, and as Founder of Flourish Over 50®, a powerful role model who “walks her talk!” A Certified Dream Coach®, professional speaker, author, and internationally-recognized expert for women over 50, Susan is dedicated to inspiring and empowering women of all ages …Wendy Mackowski, MA, CPCC, EFT is a Transformational Author and Life Coach. She coaches and mentors women wanting to break out of their old patterns and fly freely with their Authentic Spirit…

Radio Show Guests:   20182017| 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013

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