Happy Hour Radio Especially for the MidLife Woman

Have you been feeling like time is starting to run out on your dreams but you don’t know what to do about it? Do you feel invisible – in a crowded place, at work or in the media? Are you tired of watching television and seeing ads talking to you about menopause and big bellies, incontinence, wrinkles and hormones. And what about the women news anchors who are skinnier than you were at your thinnest? Frustrating, huh?
Then tune-into the Friday Happy Hour with Annmarie Kelly. It’s especially for women in mid-life (and the men who care about us). Annmarie is your midlife motivator and power partner. With her quirky brand of humor and her expert midlife guests, she helps you sort through the junk so you can re-energize, connect to your power and shift into the life you’ll love living.
The Friday Happy Hour with Annmarie Kelly is on every Friday, 3-4pmEST. She’s live and local in West Chester PA on station WCHE 1520 and live and on you iphone, ipad, and android at www.WCHE1520.com.
So pour yourself something to drink and join Annmarie this Friday.

YouTube video

Annmarie and Carole chat about handling tragedy – a cheating spouse, a terminal illness, a financial burden – bad things happen to good women all the time. Whether it happens to you or your girlfriend, you’ll want to hear Carole’s advice.
YouTube video

Annmarie chats with Ann about her personal reinvention and shares insight on what gets in the way of reinventing for many women – maybe you.

See more podcasts on the Victory Chicks Radio Youtube Channel.

Did you enjoy the show? Annmarie is “live” every Friday, from 3-4pm EST.

  • In West Chester PA: turn your radio dial to 1520AM
  • Anywhere in the world: listen online from at www.WCHE1520.com (click the microphone that says “listen live” – uses Windows Media Player).

Find out who’s on the next show by clicking here!

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