Ever had an angel on your shoulder?

Last night I did. I was having dinner at Olive Garden on my way to a baseball game. My spouse and I sat in a booth which was really quiet until the hostess seated a family of ten across from us. The group wasn’t rowdy but was enjoying each other’s company. Then, as though floating above all the other talking, I heard the grandmother say to her granddaughter “I see something sparkling on your ears.” I looked over as the little girl giggled and grabbed her ear. It was cute and I laughed. Then, remembering I was wearing my own “something sparkling”, I touched my own earlobe. To my shock, one of the studs was so loose it was about to fall off. I quickly squeezed the earring back tightly to the earring.

As I settled back into my dinner conversation, a thought came into my mind. How did I hear that woman? She wasn’t shouting, the whole family was chitchatting and there was plenty of other conversation, including my own.

As I ponder what happened, I’m now convinced there was an angel on my shoulder. There was no reason I would have heard that snippet of conversation. The earrings were a Christmas gift from my spouse, and we would both have been upset if I lost one. And, as loose as it was, I surely would have…in the restaurant or maybe at the ballfield. Chances are, it would have been lost forever. Make you wonder, doesn’t it?
Has something like that ever happened to you – that you hear something out of the blue and it has meaning for you? Do you pay attention? Could you be so busy in your life that you aren’t listening to the messages from your angel? Take a minute now to think about it…and then thank the angel stationed on your shoulder.

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