Gratitude…with an edge…

Yesterday I was running around, multi-tasking more than I wanted, when I thought about my mother. I remember when she could do the same thing. In her heyday she could run up and down steps in seconds, walk for miles, get a fabulous meal on the table in no time, sew a hem in a flash and so much more. And, Leo that she was, could be more stubborn and proud than almost anyone else I knew.
While she could do all of those things once, in her last years she used all her energy just to stay living independently. Though still in relatively good health almost to the end, the easiest things, like getting dressed and making breakfast, became daily projects.
As those memories of my mother flooded my mind, I stopped for a moment to be thankful for my own good health, mobility, abundance of activity, etc. As I did, something creeped into my consciousness. I wondered…how much time to do I have? I wasn’t thinking about dying, but instead wondered how much time I have to accomplish everything I want to do.
Then I thought about Dr. Robert Schuller, minister of the famed Crystal Cathedral. He once talked about a congregant who declared, “Dr. Schuller, I hope you live to see all your dreams realized.” But Dr. Schuller disagreed. “I hope I don’t,” he replied, “because then I wouldn’t have anything to look forward to.” His words impressed themselves on my mind.
Do you ever think about the same things? I hope you do.
Unfortunately, I notice how few women think about what they want to accomplish. In fact, when someone attends one of my workshops, and I ask her what she wants to do, the most frequent response is, “I don’t know.” She has some nebulous idea of what happy looks like, but no real clarity. When I woman doesn’t know where she wants to go, she’s too easily led onto a path that might not take her to her destiny.
So how do you make your life better, more satisfying, or happier if you don’t know what’ll do it for you?
Start with bucket list? Do you have a list of personal things you want to accomplish, feelings you want to experience, fun stuff you want to do? If you don’t, why not make one?
Summer is a great time to think about what you want to do. With the long days comes a more relaxed attitude so your mind has time to think with a little less stress. Start now…and share your ideas with us so your ideas will jog our thoughts.
I’ll get us started…

  • I want to see all the best fireworks in the US. Send me your suggestions. Being east coast, I love Philly (been there), DC, NYC, Boston.

And thank you for being part of The Victorious Woman Project…now get going…create that list and start stretching into the victories that lead you to your success!

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