Energy and Emotions

Personal Energy may be the most important item in your Victorious Woman arsenal. It means you are physically well, mentally stimulated, emotionally connected and spiritually involved either in a religion or to some purpose greater than yourself.

But even before my Victorious Woman Work, I noticed something interesting about personal energy: for most women, emotional energy is the driver. If you are feeling good about yourself and your world you believe you can conquer it, and act with purpose and confidence. If you don’t, you move through your days as though you are walking through sludge. An occasional sludge day is normal, but if it’s a lifestyle or a pattern, it affects your mind, body and spirit.
I recently found this emotional scale As I studied through the filters of both Victorious Woman and the Law of Attraction, I can see how the higher on the scale you are, the greater your potential for creating happiness and satisfaction in your life. That’s when you are most willing to stretch into victory and also when the Law of Attraction really works.
Where are you on the emotion scale…and what does that tell you about how you are living your life?

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