How to Connect to Your Feminine Power

Download.7.27.10 1911 – Take care of your SELF

Your SELF is that part of you which is totally unique. It’s your heart, your soul, your inner being and your outer being. It’s the part of you that others find so special. It’s also the part of you that too many people from you past and present would be just too happy to squash.
It’s up to you to make sure your SELF stays happy and healthy. How?
Think about your SELF as if it’s your little girl. Write down your answer to these questions (and writing them down is important).

  • What does she need?
  • How would you nurture her so she can grow up strong?
  • What would you say to her when she gets discouraged?
  • What could you say to help motivate and inspire her
  • What do you tell her when someone makes her feel rejected?
  • How would you praise her when she does something good?
  • What would you say to cheer her on so she keeps going?

Now, change the word “her” to MY SELF. Nobody knows as well as you what you need and how to treat you.  So reread the list you made – once or twice a day if you need to at the beginning. Following your own suggestion and watch your SELF blossom.
NOTE: This exercise that can POSITIVELY change your life.

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