WrapUp: Friday Happy Hour

AnnmarieKelly.WCBM..webDorothy Leeds was my guest on today’s show. She’s really a interesting woman who gave you some great tips on how to avoid communication mistakes that women of make – a lot of those “good girl” responses to questions, like rushing to answer a question without thinking through the answer (deliberate and purposeful), answering your own questions (giving the other person an open door to withhold information and avoid telling a lie), and not being persistent in questions – easily being put off about asking more questions).
Dorothy has a special gift for you: Visit the “Books and More” section on her website for books, audio CDs, and more. Mention “Happy Hour with Annmarie Kelly” to receive a special 20% discount on all audio sets.
Also, here’s the trailer for Good Lessons from Bad Women. Dorothy tours the United States with “Good Lessons” throughout the year.
I talked about seeing the movie, Heave Is For Real last weekend. I loved it – and I don’t care if it’s real or not. If it’s real, it’s hope-inspiring. If it isn’t real, it’s a heartwarming story – along the lines of Pay It Forward and similar movies. You can make up your own mind. Here are a couple articles and video clips.

I also mentioned Jane Pauley’s latest book. I just finished Your Life Calling: Reimagining the Rest of Your Life and I think it’s pretty good. At the very least, if you’re ready for a reinvention, it will give you some ideas of things other people have done.
Next week: Psychic Christi Cavallo will be giving mini-readings. Here’s the call-in number: 610-701-9243. Call in from anywhere in the world to talk to Christi. You can listen, live and local to West Chester PA, every Friday at 3pm at 1520am. You can tune in live and online every Friday at 3pm EST at www.WCHE1520am

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