Do-Over#4: Self-Care Planning

Woman Receiving MassageSelf-Care Makes a Difference

Do-overs demand work, time and energy. Make sure you get a self-care plan in place. You must make time to take care of yourself, physically and emotionally. If you don’t, you’ll burnout before you victory yourself to success. Try these tips:

  • Breathe. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? However, the realities is that, in the midst of do-overs, chances are you are breathing swallow breaths, maybe even hyperventilating. So, three times a day, take one minute (or 3-4-5 minutes) to breathe deeply. Belly-breathing is your best bet.
  • Exercise. Do something that gets yours heart pumping and do it at least thirty minutes, three times a week. You don’t have to join a gym. You can walk or jog around the block, dance (in a class or just around your living room), workout with an exercise CD, play tennis or racquetball
  • Get a Massage. There is a lot of research about the health benefits of massage. In addition, according to the Mayo Clinic, “some people enjoy massage because it often involves caring, comfort, a sense of empowerment.” Yes…that’s the ticket!
  • Walk. Get up and walk around – even if it’s just walking around the dining room table two times on your way to the bathroom. Even just that small amount of movement helps your brain.
  • Drink water. A glass of water every hour will keep your body and mind refreshed – and it’ll give you a reason to get up and walk around (see the “walk” tip)!
  • Laugh. In the midst of change, it’s really easy to forget some of the basics. Laughter doesn’t just make you feel better. Research shows that laughter has a multitude of benefits, both mental and physical.

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