Do-Over Tip#8: Find Your Tribe

Smiling Group of Professionals --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisWhere’s Your Tribe?

OK, so you aren’t a native American. But you’ve heard it before – birds of a feather flock together. That’s because they have something in common. A tribe, in today’s culture, are those people you resonate with – your birds of a feather. Your do-over will go much easier if you are with people who understand what your experiencing.

Between in-person groups and online groups, you have no excuse for not finding people with whom you can connect and share experiences. There are groups for the divorced, for the loss of a loved on, singles, new business owner, ballroom dancers, scuba divers, hikers…just about anything that you’re feeling or anything want to do or learn, you can find a group.

When Regina went through a very nasty divorce, she joined a group at her church. It helped her connect with other people who were in the same kind of pain. Gradually she got more comfortable being by herself at social events. After a while, she remembered her love for dancing. Sp first she joined a line dancing group at the local night school – no partner needed. She learned new dances and, from time to time, the class went out socially together. Little by little she found other dance groups and learned other dances. Finally she took ballroom lessons and found her passion. Last time I heard, though still single, Regina goes dancing a couple times a week, goes to ballroom dancing weekend workshops and even does an occasional “showcase” – all with partners who are happy to be with her.

You can join our Victory Chicks Facebook group:

Or you can find other online groups easily with a few clicks. “Live” groups aren’t much harder. If you’re stuck for ideas, go to There you’ll find hundreds of places where you’re “tribe” hangs out.


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