Can You Be Nancy Drew?

Nancy Drew - empowered woman role model

A recent segment on Sunday Morning featured the Nancy Drew books and got me thinking about midlife reinventions.

In the beginning...

I started my first book series with the Bobbsey twins. By the time I had my fill of those, and some of the classics like Heidi, I was so ready for Nancy Drew.

I bookishly looked up to Nancy. She was older than me, a mature 16. She had two besties – Beth and George – who were also her sometimes-assistants in crime-solving.

Nancy also had a boyfriend, Ned. He was the best! Ned was a mature older man (he was in college), which automatically made him sooooo cool. Ned even occasionally helped Nancy catch the bad guy. I remember Ned as being the kind of guy who, though Nancy’s sleuthing made him nervous, he supported her. I don’t know if they did a lot of kissing, and Ned never pressured Nancy for sex – which was good because it probably would have flipped my prepubescent brain into turmoil.

However, in Nancy’s world, no matter who was around, she was always the mover and shaker. Nancy Drew was my first example of a female who bucked the system (Katherine Hepburn, in those old 1940’s-50’s movies was my second). In my too-shy childhood, Nancy was my friend. The quiet hours I spent with Nancy were some of the sweetest, safest, and best of my childhood.

For Midlife Women, the question I ask is “Now What?”

Nancy is getting up there in years – she’s 90 now. Yet her antics since she solved he first crime in the 1930’s are still inspiring young girls.

So are yours! What you’re doing and how you’re living is being noticed by your children and grandchildren. What are you doing about it?

Starting Something New

Almost as old as Nancy Drew is one of my mentors, Robbie Motter. She recently turned 84. After an almost-storied life of personal and professional challenges, including breaking through a couple glass ceilings and – more recently – beating breast cancer, you might think Robbie would be happy lounging around playing MaJong, She isn’t.

Robbie’s made herself comfortable with pushing ahead and taking risks. Her passion is helping other women succeed. She’s been doing it for years but she recently started something new. Not surprisingly for Robbie, it’s a non-profit women’s organization, The Global Society of Female Executives.
Robbie Motter is still spreading her wings. Women are watching her – and she’s inspiring them.

Legacy Matters – It’s Never Too Late For New Adventure!

Same with Susan, a resilient woman who passed away…way too soon. Last year I attended her memorial service during which several grandkids delivered eulogies. One by one, four young adults told funny stories about their grandmother’s little quirks; they made us all laugh.

They also shared the lessons they learned from their grandmother, and they each seemed to share these two: it’s never too late for a new adventure and never give up. Those four young people are taking their grandmom’s lessons into adulthood.

What About You? What Goals are on Your Mind?

As we wind our way out of this incredibly challenging year and into a fresh new – and hopefully more normal – year, what goals are you thinking about now?

Are you simply willing to hold on to what you’ve got? Or are you ready for a new Nancy Drew adventure? Did you learn something during the covid lockdown that could become your business? Did you get a good idea for how to help hungry people? Or did the lockdown make you realize you need to have more fun, or more travel, or more of something you’ve been missing?

Life Change – Go for it!

Whatever it is, this is your time to reinvent yourself – no matter what your age!  And BRAVA! for stepping up to do it!

Need Some Help Finding Your Own Adventure?

If you need some help and support, join me for my 2021 Savvy Sizzle workshop – on zoom – starting soon.. Check it out here: Savvy Sizzle
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