8.12.16.RadioWrapUp: Dating Dangerously

Dating Dangerously
Kelly Green
We had a good time at the Friday Happy Hour talking to Kelly Green about her adventures and the insights she got from her “year of dating dangerously.”
Annmarie above the PA Grand Canyon
Here’s the scoop: After her divorce in 2014, Texan Kelly Green was forced to take a hard look at her life, and herself. She vowed to make 2014 her “year of dating dangerously.” And, true to her word, she partied with celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and A-Rod. Kelly dated Argentinian polo players, professional paintballers, and Wall Street financiers. What she was looking for was a better life with a better man–until she realized she needed to love herself first.
One morning, on one of her Manhattan adventures, she found herself running through Central Park, in stilettos, and for the first time, felt free. It was a turning point in her life. She shared why and what she learned while getting back in the game during her year of dating dangerously.
If you’re interested in her book, you can get it on Amazon: Back In The Game
Having fun at Knoebels Amusement Park
I talked about the Knobel’s Amusment Park and the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. Here are the links to both: Knoebels and PA Grand Canyon. And here are some pix of me riding the 100-year-lold carousel and the view from the Grand Canyon.
PA Grand Canyon from Colton State Park
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Here’s the article I mentioned: Do you Need a Change

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