The 'Sweet Spot" of writing – guest post on Celtic Lady's Reviews

Victorious Woman Shaping Lifes Challenges into Personal Victories“It took a couple years for me to find my writing “sweet spot” – that time when I’m mostly likely to write easily. I think everyone who writes has one and, if s/he can find it, I believe it makes the creative part of writing easier. I can do rewrites later in the day, but the creation of a story, article, blog post, etc. happens most easily for me in the morning, in my home office, usually between about 6-8am. It’s not unusual for me to roll out of bed, throw on a robe if it’s cold, take twenty-two steps and plop myself into my office chair. Sometimes I can barely see the screen as I giggle the mouse to wake it up. But it’s good because my mind isn’t cluttered up yet by emails and phone calls, so it’s like a blank slate. Sometimes I feel as though I write until I empty my head of whatever thoughts my brain thought up overnight. Then I stop and get ready to go to my regular office, where I do the business that the writing produces….”
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