Feminine Power: Tip 2

Download.12.08 206Know Your Values

Whether you know it or not, everything you do and every decision you make is based on your values. It’s the key to success in everything you do, from having a happy and fulfilling personal life to designing the career that will make you satisfied, rich, or a rock star in your circles on the world – or all of the above!
Your values don’t change much during your life. Their priority might change, for example, when you’re twenty your health may be important but you are likely to take it for granted. By fifty, health moves up the ladder because you realize that if you’re health is compromised, you can’t do a lot of the other things you value.
If you aren’t happy, it could be that your life isn’t lined up with your values. When you have internal discord, you have problems. Remember, like attracts so conflict is likely to attract more conflict. I devote a whole chapter in Victory by Design to this topic. It’s that important.
If you aren’t sure what your values are, get the Victorious Woman Victory Kit which includes the Values Tracker: Victory Kit

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