Feminine Power: Tip 3

Download.7.27.10 226Have a Vision for Your Life

What would you see if you put on your glasses after someone smeared them with Vaseline? Not much. You’d see enough to know if it’s night or day, and if you are inside or outside and you’d notice what colors are around you. But you wouldn’t be able to go anyplace or do anything unless someone took you by the hand and led you around.
When you don’t have a personal vision, that’s what’s happening to your life. You have a sense of some things, but someone has to lead you around. You are never in charge and always do what someone else wants, whether you like it or not.
That’s how a lot of women have said they feel every day. If you agree with them, then get out a cloth and start wiping away the Vaseline that’s dampening your soul and ruining your life. Here’s what to do:
Start by writing down everything you want…or think you want
Make a list and then add to it for a week, or a month
Then, make three columns: Gotta Do It, I Want This Too and Would Be Nice
Put what you wrote into one of those three columns.
Look it over, what do you see? Are there clear, distinct goals? Are you seeing patterns? If you do something in the Gotta Do It column, would you get some of the things from the other columns?
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