Portland Head Light

What a good first night of vacation! I had fun, got to visit with friends, started de-stressing and got good rest.

This morning I had some cereal at the hotel (raisin bran with yogurt and froot loops – when was the last time you had froot loops??). Then we checked out and made our way to Portland Head Light, the historic lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth Maine.

Portland Head Light is said to be the most photographed lighthouse in the world, and for good reason! Joseph and I have been to this lighthouse before, but not several years. When we were here before, it was early morning and the lighthouse wasn’t open. I always felt like I missed something. So I really wanted to go back.

Am I glad I did! I did miss something – what a change! The light house was, of course, still the same. But nearly everything else around it was different – and in a good way! I don’t remember visiting Fort Williams – or maybe I just didn’t have time to see it. And I don’t recall a special paved path to the “ideal” photo place. I found it thanks to the woman working in the lighthouse who showed me the exact spot where all the professional photos are taken. These pix will show you why it’s so well-photographed; what a classic!

Something that wasn’t there before – a cliff walk. It’s not too long and it perfectly showcases all the beauty of that little section of Maine along the Gulf of Maine.Joseph and I took some pictures in different places, but I most like the pictures we took on the cliff walk. I especially like the selfie I took with Joseph behind me (he was taking ocean-view pictures) and the lighthouse in the background.

We left Portland and headed north. We stopped in Freeport, not to go the the LLBean company store, but to get some bread at When Pigs Fly. They have the very best low carb bread I’ve ever eaten! So I don’t miss the chance to get some when I’m in Maine.

After tasting everything we could, I bought a loaf of low-carb and Joseph got a loaf of hot pepper and olive. We also bought a bottle of “hot honey” and a jar of “DipMeDaddio” spices. Then we continued meandering up the coast, making a stop at Red’s Eats in Wiscasset. There wasn’t much of a crowd (about a 30″ line), so we stopped for lobster and steak sandwiches.

Standing in line at Reds Eats is always an experience. Joseph and I often meet people from the Philly/Delco/Chesco area. And, because we’re in line so long, we usually have conversation with them.

This year the couple in front of us fascinated me. The woman, a tall, thin Mainer wanted her sweetie, in from Las Vegas, to have the “Reds Eats experience” and was excited about it. The very short man (he made me look tall) seemed like he wasn’t used to waiting for much of anything. He was agitated, telling her that he was fully expecting that the lobster would worth the wait. It was almost threatening!

OK, maybe not, but Joseph and I had just started listening to the You’ve Been Warned book on tape. He reminded me of Michael, the savvy and so-in-control married executive who was having an affair with his nanny, a struggling artist/photographer. And whatever Michael wanted, he got…

So I make up stories about people in line…what do you expect? I’m a writer. I look for the stories and, today, it made the time go by faster 😉

We got to the cottage around 7pm. Since we rent this cottage every year, we have the unpacking and organization part down to a science. By 9, we’re having a drink and settling in...it’s good to be here!

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