Blueberries, Books and Binge-Watching

The front door to our cottage: WindwardCottage#5
Windward Cottage#5

It’s a lazy morning…typical first day at Windward Cottages. Joseph and I are watching Sunday morning as we let go of work and slide into vacation mode.

This vacation Joseph and I are binge-watching the first season of House of Cards. In this political season, we’re loving it!

Annmarie w/Lis Wiehl in NY

We brought lots to read! Joseph’s reading stuff on his ipad. I still like the feel of actual books and I’m reading Vince Flynn’s The Survivor and Lis Wielh’s, Newsmakers. However, I have to admit, carrying the books vs. carrying an iPad…it makes a difference when traveling. I think I’m getting seduced by the convenience.

Wiehl’s book isn’t out until January, but I got the uncorrected proof version in May at the New York Book Expo America. Lis Wiehl is a really nice woman; I’ve met her a couple times. I’m hoping to get her on my radio show later this year. What’s funny about the book (a mystery) – and something I didn’t know – is that the main character, Erica Sparks, is from Maine. So there are some Maine references, like references to the local food market chain, Hannaford.

Also, there are two books I almost always reread on vacation: Spiritual Economics and The Magic of Thinking Big. Each one reminds me of different things I’ve forgotten during the busyness of the year and both recharge my creative energies. They’re part of my Victorious Woman recommended reading list.

Clarks Cove - the view from our front widnow
Clarks Cove – the view from our front widnow

I also took a needlepoint with me…it’s the same one I’ve brought for the past couple years. I work on it a little bit each year. It’s not a big needlepoint…just one that I work on while watching TV. Maybe this year I’ll finish it.

Also, Charlene Bayley gave me a “kit” she put together to make a bracelet out of safety pins. The first time I saw it, on Charlene, I thought it was pretty neat – would have never guessed it was beaded safety pins! Last year I thought I’d make one, but couldn’t find the beads. This year Charlene put together a kit for me, so I’m curious to get working on it.

We usually start our mornings here with a bowl of blueberries. Typically we buy a five pound box of blueberries at Lounders blueberry farm on our way into Ellsworth. The “farm” is a two-car garage for ten months a year but during blueberry season, the equipment comes out and the garage is transformed into a store with 5 and 10 pound boxes of blueberries and a variety of other blueberry “stuff” – books??????????, jellies, sugars and more.

But blueberry season is pretty much over. So, as Joseph and drove into Ellsworth, the farm was closed. Until I called this morning, I wasn’t sure Lounders would still have fresh blueberries.  Happily, they have a few boxes, but this is their last day. Tomorrow whatever blueberries they have will go into the freezer for winter baking. I know whatever they have now will be the end-of-season batch (not the best), but I’ll still get them. Then we’ll do our food shopping at Hannaford and Shaw’s in Ellsworth.

It’s funny, at home it’s nothing to drive twenty minutes to the store. But I figured out a couple years ago that, from the cottage, running back and forth cost us too much time. So now I have a “Maine vacation shopping list” that makes things go faster and keeps us  on the island most of the vacation.

The moon is full…and it’s always a treat to be here during a full moon. I love taking pictures of the moon, though I seldom think they turn out showing even a tenth of the beauty I see.

Tomorrow we’ll start hiking, but today…an easy Sunday.

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