My Friend Robert

Cuckle Buckle Farm
Cuckle Buckle Farm

Leaving Rockport around 11am, we stopped for breakfast and then headed for Maine. By midday we were at the liquor store in New Hampshire where we loaded up on two weeks worth of vacation alcohol. You might think we were heavy drinkers. We aren’t. But on vacation, after a day of hiking, we enjoy a robust happy hour.

The liquor store isn’t far from the Maine border. As we left I called my friend, Robert, to let him know where we are. I’ve known Robert for years. When I was running the corporate university for the local Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate affiliate, his stepmother worked in the same suite of offices. One year, while he was in college, Robert interned for me. We lost touch after his stepmother died of cancer. A few years ago, through happenstance or maybe serendipity, I found Robert online. He was selling real estate and living in York, near the place where Joseph and I often stayed overnight on our way to Mt. Dessert. A couple years ago he and his partner, Michael,

Bathing Beauty
Bathing Beauty

opened the Extraordinare Boutique in York. The following year they bought a farm in Cape Neddick and last year opened another boutique in the cove. I love the stuff they sell. Robert and Michael make great picks for the store with jewelry, clothes, gifts, and handbags. However, my special treat are the bathing beauties. This year I added to my collection.

The Cove at Sunset

This year, because of the sidetrip to Rockport, I knew we’d be getting to Maine earlier than usual. So I connected with Robert with a plan to meet him at the farm. We arrived around 3pm, just as Michael was leaving for work at the cove store. We decided to meet up with him at dinner. Then Joseph and I hung out at the farm with Robert and his “girls,” three wonderful little dogs. Robert took us around the land, which includes lots of turkeys, a lake and a cemetery. Though Robert doesn’t know if there are actually bodies buried there, he knows that two of the gravestones belong to previous owners. Those owners put the farm into an environmental trust and the last owner continued the trust. That limits some of the changes Robert and Michael would like to make to the outside of the property, but also insures that it will continue to be a family home.

For the rest of the afternoon we enjoyed a few drinks and some good conversation on the screened-in screened in porch. Then we headed over to Roberto’s for dinner and Michael joined us. Roberto’s is a pretty neat place, originally started by Roberto and Kathy. Roberto is gone, but Kathy continues to run the place with great skill. It’s sort of a pizza place, but I’ve only ever had pizza there once. I had short ribs over risotto and Joseph had chicken rollatini. Both were great, but Joseph didn’t stop talking about his rollatini.

Robertos Ogunquit
Robertos Ogunquit

Going to Roberto’s with Robert and Michael is like being with celebrities. We always eat in the bar area, where Robert and Michael know everyone and everyone knows them. And we get top shelf service. Somehow we always seem to be there at closing time and, because we’re busy talking to Kathy and her chef, John, we’re the last ones to leave. This year was no different.

After a great time, with good conversation and a fabulous meal, we headed back to the farm to pick up our car. After goodbye’s to Robert, Michael and the girls, we made our way to Portland for the night.

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