Windward Cottages

windwardcottages-2Joseph and I meandered up the coast from Portland. We usually make a stop at the tiny lobster shack called Reds Eats in Wiscasset. But the line is usually really long (about an hour’s wait) and we usually meet very interesting people in line. But we decided to pass on going this year.  this year passed and, instead,

Joseph and I usually split the driving, two hours each, and I drive first. There’s a reason. It’s about a 3 hour drive but, because we meander and make stops along the way,


the drive usually takes us about four hours. In the last leg of our trip, after passing Camden and Belfast, and just before we go through Bucksport, we cross the Pennobscot River Bridge. It used to be a rickety old steel bridge. But a few years ago, a beautiful new bridge was built. There are only a few like it in the world. It’s one lane each way, with railings that allow the driver to see the beauty of the river as s/he drives across.The only problem I’ve ever heard about it is that, during the winter after a snow or ice storm, the bridge has to be closed down. Considering that it’s an important crossing place, that’s a big deal. However, what happened – and I guess the designer didn’t take weather into consideration – is that ice would stick to the center polls as it was coming down, but as it defrosted, sheets of ice would fall onto cars. Obviously dangerous, and certainly good enough reason to shut it down. Of course, at the time of year I travel there, it’s not an issue.

PenobscotNarrowsBridge View from Bucksport
View from Bucksport

Over the years I’ve gotten better at keeping my eyes open as we cross. This year I actually looked around and took in the beauty to my right. And

This year's blueberries
This year’s blueberries

the old bridge (shown in this picture) was dismantled. So the view is good on both sides of the bridge. Maybe one day I’ll be the one driving across. I drove across the old one, and it was doable. But this one feels more open and, for someone who gets dizzy with heights, it’s a short but scary trip. So I didn’t drive it this year, but I feel I’m making progress.

As we drive into Ellsworth, we stop at the blueberry farm.For about ten months of the year, the blueberry farm is a two car garage. But during blueberry season, the sorting equipment and the sales tables come out. A five pound box of blueberries lasts us about a week in Maine. This year, because it’s the end of the season, we knew it wasn’t likely that we’d get another box next week. So we bought a ten-pound box. It’s o

Yum...Fresh Blueberries
Yum…Fresh Blueberries

ur breakfast each morning, a big bowl of blueberries – no sugar, no cream, just happy blueberries. During years when I know I can easily get more, I’ll use the blueberries to make cake or slump. But by late August, blueberry season is just about done.

I savor those breakfast blueberries.

We got to Windward Cottages before sunset. We’ve been staying in this same cottage, Cottage#5, for years now. We parked the car and started to unload. On the door was a note welcoming us. It was the usual typewritten note that everyone gets, but owner Ollie Wenger wrote a special note on the back. It was so sweet to get to the cottage and find a handwritten welcome.

So we know where to put everything. And, as usual, the place is clean and ready for us. Getting unpacked and settled in happens pretty fast. And the faster we settle in, the faster we slip into vacation mode.

About an hour and a half later, the sun had set and we were done. Welcome to vacation, 2016!

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