Anemone Caves

Schooner Head Trail
Schooner Head Trail

Today started as a lazy day. I finally got to call my childhood girlfriend, Karol. The reception is so bad up here but, finally, I had a decent phone connection. I don’t usually make calls up here, so it doesn’t usually matter. But, this year, I received an invitation to Karol’s daughter’s wedding in Georgia just before leaving West Chester and wanted to get to scoop. And her birthday is in couple days, so I got to dish about the wedding and her soon-to-be son-in-law and wish her a happy birthday at the same time.

Because I didn’t know sooner, I’d already taken too many work days off to make the trip to Georgia. And she didn’t know I can legally perform weddings…and was disappointed because her daughter is being married by a judge. Had she known I was an officiant, she would have asked me to do the ceremony instead. That would have been something special!

After gabbing with Karol for a while, Joseph and I decided to do “something.” I searched through some of the stuff I’d printed off before I left home and found one interesting place I’d never seen before – the anemone caves near the Schooner Head Trail. So, with an adventurous spirit, we set off to find them.

Around Anemone Caves
Around Anemone Caves

Locating the trail itself was easy. The caves…not so much. By this time of the day, with the tide coming in, going to the caves would have been dangerous. We’re adventuresome but not stupid. Unlike some of the young kids, one of whom was standing on the edge of a cliff, wearing flipflops, holding his dog on a leash. I was wondering what would happen if the dog spotted a critter and took off. That kid could easily have fallen, probably to his death. But that (happily) didn’t happen…at least not while I was there!

It didn’t matter that we didn’t go to the anemone caves. The trail was short but the view at the end was spectacular. Joseph and I sat just taking in the beauty of the bold Maine Coast. I wonder what it is about the ocean is so physically relaxing and mentally freeing. Whatever it is, I wish I could bottle it. If I could, I’d be a billionaire.

The Anemone Caves is a place I’ll come back to…and it’s fun that, after all these years coming to the same place, we still find new things on vacation.

20160905_145433After about an hour so, we decided to head back to the cottage. Joseph and I tried to decide what to have for dinner. We were toying with the idea of going to XYZ for a Chili Rellenos platter. However, when we got back to the cottage, Ollie left a note that he’d gone out on his boat and had lobster. If I wanted some, we just had to pick them up.

Of course I did! There’s nothing like a Maine lobster fresh out of the ocean!

Joseph called him and, within a few minutes, Ollie and two huge lobster appeared at my door. What a special guy Ollie is!!

Joseph and I had some Happy Hour drinks…red wine for Joseph and coconut rum with lime seltzer for me. In lieu of proper appetizers, we had animal crackers with peanut butter. Don’t laugh…they were good and soaked up some alcohol…

Later, Joseph cooked the lobster – he hates fish, but he’ll cook my lobster. That has to be love.

While I ate lobster with butter, Joseph had Pickled Wrinkle pizza leftovers and spaghetti.

After dinner we watched another episode of Orange is the New Black. We’re on Season 2…and neither of us is sure we like it. I’m not a fan of women as victims…and the show is riddled with women who consistently make bad choices, get into one bad situation after the other and make excuses for not learning a better way. Nothing Victorious Woman about that!!

We both feel like slugs. But we are loving the lack of responsibility and schedules and are wishing we could stay another week…

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