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womanontopofmountainWith 2017 only six week to New Years, do you know what you want to do with your brand new baby year yet? If you aren’t sure, or if you are sure and you want to start ginning up some good energy for those goals, Gratitude Attitude is a great way to do it. A slew of studies on gratitude show that Gratitude Attitude can help clear away the cobwebs, give you greater clarity, and boost your physical and emotional energy.

Midlife Women Who Practice Gratitude More Likely to Reach Their Goals!

In addition, people who practice gratitude attitude are more likely to persist through goal-achieving challenges. And, since only 1 in 10 people actually stick to their plan long enough to achieve their goals, Gratitude Attitude can be your secret SUPER-POWER!

Here are FIVE fabulous ways to make a Gratitude Attitude work for you:

  1. Notice the good things around you. One way to increase your Gratitude Attitude is simply to be aware of it; gratitude is a choice. Think of it as the smart and savvy Victory Chick’s version of the “Where’s Waldo” adventures. But, instead of looking for “Waldo” in a picture, you’re looking for things that please you or make you smile. It can be the fabulous necklace you’re wearing, the clouds in the sky, that cute baby you just passed on the street, the great saying you read on Facebook, the thank-you a co-worker just gave you…I’ll bet there are a hundred things you can find every day.
    • How many good things can you notice in the next 30 minutes?
  2. The Gratitude Affirmation. Like attracts like and you get what you focus on most. So if you are focusing on some kind of lack (why can’t I ever…why don’t I have…how come I never get a break) that’s what you get more of.
    If you want to flip the switch and start attracting more and more of the good you deserve, try saying this affirmation: “I am so happy and grateful that [fill in the blank].
    Here are examples: I am so happy and grateful that…

    • I have a warm bed to sleep in at night
    • I have kids who love me
    • I am healthy
    • My children are healthy
    • My friends are wonderful and wonderful to me
    • I have a great job
      NOTE: I wish I could tell you that I thought this affirmation up, but it’s been around for ages and you can find it used in different ways. I’ve found the most effective way to use it is to remind myself of the abundance of good things in my life – many of which I often take for granted. The “I’m so happy and grateful” affirmation draws out that “glass half full” attitude that brings you more and more good.
  3. Gratitude before Meals. I grew up saying Grace before meals, that is, being thankful for the food that I was about to eat. However, in addition to the food I’m about to eat, I take a moment to think about one other thing I’m grateful for.
    If you do this, you can be grateful for good health, a good day, peace and quiet, love of someone special, that you didn’t have to cook the meal, or a host of other things. Thinking about that one thing will shift your mind into a more positive frame of mind. The more you do it, the more good things you’ll think about, and the more good you’ll attract. And you’ll enjoy the food you’re eating more and your digestion will improve!
  4. Gratitude Journal. At night before you go to bed, take a minute to jot down what you are grateful for that day. Don’t make this hard. Or long. NO EPISTLES.
    Just jot down what you noticed that day, or list your “happy and gratefuls” or write down the your “gratitude before meals” thing. Write it down and go to sleep.

    • Research shows that just this little act can help you sleep better
    • At the end of a month, go back and read your journal. Notice how it puts a smile on your face, brightens you day and shifts you frame of mind. Like attracts like, so this review is a wonderful “super power” activator.
  5. Gratitude Letter. Write a thank you letter to someone. Tell them, specifically, what they did that your are grateful for. Nothing too long. One or two paragraphs is enough. You can do this with someone who is around you now, an old friend you don’t see anymore and you can even do it for someone who has passed on.
    Studies have shown that just writing the letter can increase your level of happiness by 2-4%.
    If you care to boost that percentage, call the person you’ve written to or meet with them and read what you wrote. When you do, according to the research, your happiness level increases by 4-19%! And if it does all that for you, imagine what it’ll do for the person you’re thanking…

Use Gratitude for your Personal Empowerment!

Get started today. Pick one and do it all this week. See what happens and how you feel. Next week, keep it going. It takes 21 days to make it a habit.
Next month, add another one and make that a habit. The more Gratitude Attitude you have, the more abundance, happiness and joy you’ll attract into your life.
And wouldn’t an increase in abundance, happiness and joy be a great way to live in 2017?!

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