It’s almost Halloween and who is more classically ghoulish than Edgar Allen Poe?
That’s what we’re talking about at this Friday Happy Hour with Margie Royal, the local Poe expert. Margie’s play, Tales from Poe, is a regional favorite, this year being performed at Swarthmore’s Spotlight Theater.
Tales from Poe follows the story of Dr. Morane, who, after he witnesses the death of Edgar Allan Poe, is haunted by Poe’s ghost (as well as Poe’s works!) as he wrestles with a moral dilemma of his own.
We’ll be talking with Margie about Poe’s gory stories and his even more bizarre real life.
If you want to see Tales From Poe, you can get tickets here: Spotlight Theater
Enjoy the pictures of me in Punxsutawney, in seach of Punxsutawney Phil 😉
And here’s more: Phil’s Inner Circle
As we wrap up Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and in light of all the scandals this month about sexual assault by some of Hollywood’s elite, including Harvey Weinstein and James Toback and political guy, Mark Halperin, I’m again suggesting getting a copy of The Gift of Fear or listneing to the Gift of Fear audio. It addresses all different types of assaults and different ways you can help protect yourself.

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