Downeast Day 

We stayed at the cottage all day. Easing into vacation is always a treat after the craziness of getting ready to leave, finally leaving home, and then dealing with the travel. 

About midday Ollie stopped over. It’s always good to see him…and get some of the dirt about the cove. This year the big news is that the “party house” around the cove was sold to Dick Wolf (Law and Order, Chicago PD, etc.) as a place for his horses or something. It’s quieter here on the weekends as a result. 

We started watching Season 3 of Broadchurch. This season is really, really good! 

What are the Maine Diaries?

The Maine Diaries is a fun look at my annual adventure to New England where I unwind from normal life and reconnect with myself.

I was captivated by the Maine Coast on my first trip there in the late 90’s. In the years since, I’ve traveled up and down the coast from Kittery to Calais but I spend most of my Maine time Downeast. I love the adventures I have and the chance to unwind from the world and restore my inner clarity. I chronicle my experiences in The Maine Diaries.

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