Labor Day 

It was supposed to rain today so we didn’t plan a hike. Instead, we planned a trip to the new Bar Harbor Historical Society’s new home – currently being used as the fundraiser design house LaRochelle. What a history!  

We left there, went to Havana so Joseph could get one last Havana burger and beer at this place. I had some cheese thing that I shared with Joseph as an appetizer. It was freezing, so I had an earlgrey instead of a cocktail.  

We got back to the cottage and I defrosted a pork chop leftover before leaving for Schoodic and the “FlashInAPan” band event. Donna Debs told us about the group. Initially it was to be an open air event, but with the imminent threat of rain, the band decided to move it indoors to Hammond Hall in Winter Harbor. I was glad – It’s cold here and the rain made it a little bitter. Indoors suited me! 

What an unexpected treat this band was! Whodathunk there would ever be a group that played steed drums? But there they were – about 15 locals, ranging in age from teens to retireds – making joyful noise and encouraging everyone to join in by dancing…and plenty did so, including me and Joseph and Donna and her spouse, Ray. They played about 90 minutes and it was clear that the audience knew and loved the group. I was amazed to see all ages of people dancing – from toddlers to older folks – and so many dancing alone – and with happy abandon. I was reminded of that quote “Dance like no one is watching” – because they did! 

The Design House and the steel drum band were both something different. It was an unusual Mt. Desert day, but a good one! 

What are the Maine Diaries?

The Maine Diaries is a fun look at my annual adventure to New England where I unwind from normal life and reconnect with myself.

I was captivated by the Maine Coast on my first trip there in the late 90’s. In the years since, I’ve traveled up and down the coast from Kittery to Calais but I spend most of my Maine time Downeast. I love the adventures I have and the chance to unwind from the world and restore my inner clarity. I chronicle my experiences in The Maine Diaries.

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