Is Change A Pain?

Victorious Women overcoming changeChange reveals you to yourself. It brings you the opportunity to embrace something different or retreat into your personal comfort zone.
Yes, change is uncomfortable. So is a toothache.

Sometimes you want things to stay as they are because you think you can live with what is – even if “what is” might be a bad situation.  You wouldn’t do that with a toothache, would you? Of course not! That’s because you know for sure that if you don’t do something about a bad tooth, not only will it become more painful, it will become infected and affect the health of your whole body.

What you may not realize or acknowledge is that it’s the same with an unhappy marriage, or an unpleasant, stressful job or toxic relationship. If you don’t take care of the situation, it will definitely get worse, and you will suffer, one way or the other.

Listen, it’s human nature to want to avoid pain. Losing a tooth or getting a root canal is painful (I know, I’ve experienced both). Losing a job you don’t like or turning away from a toxic relationship isn’t easy. I quit a few jobs I hated and was (thankfully) laid off from jobs I needed but didn’t like. And my first twenty-five years of life were loaded with toxicity. So I know from experience that when you ignore your feelings, you dishonor your SELF – the soul of you. And the resulting pain is far worse than route canal, and lasts for a long time – sometimes a lifetime.

I honestly believe that’s a fate worse than death.

Change is risky – we might fail. Someone once told me, “The devil I know might be better than the devil I don’t know.” And I can understand that thought process – but I certainly don’t agree with it! Failure doesn’t feel good but there is an upside: failure lets you know one thing that you know for sure doesn’t work for you.

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