New Year's Resolutions

Non-Traditional and Life Affirming Resolutions for 2013

The folks at have some interesting ideas for making 2013 better. Here are their top ten resolutions with my summary/thoughts (read their full descriptions at
1. More hugs. I really like this one because I think hugs are healing. When I taught 4th grade, I hugged my kids as they left the classroom each day ( the ones who wanted it).  Sometimes  it was the only hug they would get all day. I wouldn’t do it today because of all the possible ramifications, but I really believed that hug a day made all the difference for some of those kids.
2. Drink more. Forget that glass of wine, this one is about water. I think water is  really important for women.  I start my day with a 16 oz glass of water with the juice of one lemon. I follow that glass with another one of plain water. I don’t think it’s a surprise that I get a lot of compliments for having great skin. Part of that is genetics but hydration is key!
3. Make eye contact. We’re so busy that sometimes we forget to look someone in the eyes when we are talking. I try to make a point to make eye contact with everyone from the clerk at the grocery store to my spouse. Recently I interviewed someone and the candidate’s eyes were darting around; I felt uncomfortable. Focus on the person you are talking to!
4. Read the Ingredients. These are listed in order of their concentration, if sugar or corn syrup is the first ingredient of cranberry juice, you can know that you aren’t getting much fruit! Know what your eating!
5. Hello Neighbor. acknowledges that, with social media, we often don’t know the people who are right around us. Focusing on improving your one-to-one interpersonal skills as a way of improving your health
6. Eat Vegetables. Does this need any explanation?
7. Distant Gratification. One example of this is to plant a tree. We are so used to “I want it now” that this resolution is the antidote to need for instant gratification.
8. Track your spending.  Do you know where your money goes? I know a single, retired woman who gets $2200/month from social security and an annuity. Her house is paid off.  Her real estate taxes, utilities and health care comes to about $1000. That leaves her with $1200/month, which isn’t great but not too bad.  However, she says she can’t make ends meet, might have to sell her house and move to an apartment. That seems odd – a retired woman who can’t live on $300/week after her expenses are paid?
If you notice that you have more week left at the end of your money, pick a week and write down every single thing you spend your money on – every coffee, muffin, etc.  You could be surprised! figure out if you need to makes changes
9. Listen to the Voices. They’re talking about challenging the voices in your head who tell you that you can’t do it.
10. Show Up. The folks at must know Robbie Motter, one of my mentors. Show up is her mantra.  Since I first met Robbie, and no matter what ups and downs are going on in her life,  she shows up physically, emotionally and energetically. If you are in the Orange County area in California, get to one of Robbie’s events. Check her out:

Do you need help with your New Year’s Resolutions? Here it is:  Dare to Dream in 2013

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