When Energy Drinks Don’t Work

Download.7.27.10 270When my cousins got together last week, a lot of stories were told. While we looked at pictures, I mentioned to one cousin that I remembered her mother as being full of energy and laughing. About the energy, she said, “That’s because she was always taking diet pills. It was the sixties. That’s what doctors did – they gave women amphetamines.”
Apparently, it isn’t so different for later generations. And we don’t even have to go to the doctor. We go to Starbucks, or drink Red Bull, Five Hour Energy and a few other popular energy drinks just to keep up our hectic pace.
Happily, if you want to boost your daily energy to give you more power for the punch, there are better and healthier ways to get your energy. According to Elizabeth Somer R.D., “There’s nothing you can do later in the day that will give you the energy you would have had if you’d stopped and eaten breakfast.” Somer says oatmeal will do the trick for breakfast and also suggests packing a banana for energy.
Personally, breakfast is my favorite meal. I really notice the difference in my energy and attitude if I don’t have a good breakfast. And I notice I eat more and make less healthy choices.
I especially like the multi-grain cereal from Trader Joes. I make a pot of it every couple weeks and freeze it in small containers so it’s easy to get and I just pop it into the microwave with some extra water. The back of the box has a recipe for multi-grain muffins that I make a little healthier with cranberries and walnuts. These treats freeze really well. Add a handful of almonds or an egg (I keep a few hard-boiled ones in the fridge) and you have a complete on-the-go breakfast with half the calories of something you’ll grab on the go.
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