What Color is Your 2014?

OrangeExcitementAs this year winds down and the New Year approaches, do you see browns and grays, maybe even black? Or are you seeing luscious lemons, razzmatazz reds, gadzook greens and maybe even flamingo fuscias?

Clearly there is no shortage of dark messages these days. You can hardly avoid the signs and realities of our economy. However, if you look at history, DOWNTURNS – whether they are worldwide or personal – NEVER LAST FOREVER. Unless you let them.

Victory is the stretch you make from where you are to where you want to be. Whether your opportunity for victory is an unexpected setback or a carefully planned journey, victory grows or fades based on your response to life’s challenges; Victory is a mindset.

Below are tips I’ve used to change my life. They encourage victory in that special place where it begins – your awareness and intentions. You can implement these Victory Tips either one at a time, or in small combinations.

1 – Thoughts are things; Think Good Thoughts

Your life experience reflects your thought patterns. If you want a happier and more prosperous life, think more about moments and events that are upbeat, constructive, strong and wholesome. Look for the positive things in your life and, especially when it doesn’t feel like life is going your way; persistently and soundly affirm that the good in your life is abundant and overflowing.

2 – Focus on gratitude, starting with your first thoughts of the day.

Some days you will have lots of “gratitudes” on your mental list… an entertaining event or a happy time with loved ones. On other days you may have to struggle to find just one thing. Whatever you come up with, the point of this exercise is to intentionally and willfully focus your mind on gratitude for what you already have.

3 – For the first two hours of the day, no matter what happens, tell yourself that you are having a good day.

You already know thoughts are things. You can add to that another adage: like attracts like. This strategy is another subtle way of focusing your thoughts and attracting your good. Some days all that saying this sentence will do is make you laugh – and even that will help.

4 – Walk with attitude.

In other words, walk as if you have someplace important to go…even if it’s just to bed. Carry yourself like you are an important person and you’ll feel important. Part of that is the old “act as if” but the other part is that you are sending a signal to you body and mind that what you are doing matters.

5 – Visualize: Make an image book

Find images and words that reflect what you want to have in your life: love, happiness, a new house, etc. You can use something as simple as a binder from the stationery store, or you can choose a special journal or scrapbook. Take your time, use images like dynamic pictures, words and affirmations to reflect what you want. Once made, look at it every day. Really get into it…feel the words and see yourself in the pictures.


I know this time of year gets crazy but most of these tips can be done while you’re doing things like driving to and from work, while in the food store, walking down the hall, even Christmas shopping. The idea is to use them every day and let them become daily habits.

I suggest you work with each one for a week between now and January 1. That’ll create fertile mental soil in which to grow your 2014 victories. As you think, pay attention to ideas and inspirations you get for new goals and plans. The ideas might bubble up and take several days or come suddenly, like getting a 2×4 between the eyes.Pay attention.

Then, using those ideas, set your goals for the New Year and make these Victory Tips a part of your personal strategy for success.

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