RadioWrap-Up.5.12.17: VictoriousWomanMonth

May is Victorious Woman Month and today we’re got some victory inspiration from the fabulous Jen Croneberger. Jen has interesting insights on the things that are part of our daily lives…and the five word that are hers. Jen has an interesting background. She consulted by MTV’s show “MADE” as a mental skills/fear coach for one of its subjects in the Fall of 2007. She has also been interviewed on four different occasions by Philadelphia’s ABC affiliate, Channel 6 Action News and was selected by the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry as the 2009 Female Business Leader of the Year.

Learn more about Jen at

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Happy Victorious Woman Month!!

Annmarie Kelly, Professional Keynote SpeakerIt seemed like just one small thing that winter when I filed the paperwork. It was late April when it was approved. By year’s end, there it was listed in the McGraw-Hill Chase’s Calendar of Events:

International Victorious Woman Month

It was exciting in my little world! I celebrated by inviting friends, colleagues and neighbors to a potluck at my house. Who knew then what it could and would become.

Since then, not only do I celebrate it with my Victory Chicks Community, but so do others…all around the world! International Victorious Woman Month has prompted many local governments and companies to single out one woman or a group of women and publicly applaud their talents – in honor of Victorious Woman Month.

In addition, I’ve written articles and blog posts and, with the help of my friend Google, I’ve seen articles about Victorious Woman Month in Huffington Post, Blogher and other women’s sites, as well as on individual blogs. They talk about goals, self-care or some other good thing that Victory Chicks, like you, want in your life.

Whenever I see someone – besides me, and whom I don’t know – reference Victorious Woman Month, it’s really exciting. Sometimes it’s even in a language I can’t read – and that’s almost more exciting!

I’m sharing all that with you for two reasons:

  1. You don’t have to be a millionaire or one of Forbes most powerful women to make an impact. I’m not either one of those – not yet, at least ;-). Yet that didn’t stop me from doing the one small thing that created International Victorious Woman Month…or doing any of the other things that help me fulfill what I believe is my purpose. That is, helping Victory Chicks, like you, BE MORE – DO MORE –  HAVE MORE of a life you LOVE living.
  2. Remind you that you can do that – you can have more of a life you love living. You just have to take a step in that direction. It could be just one small thing, but it’s a step that puts you on a path. Then you take another step…and another. Those steps don’t have to be big ones. And EVERY step counts, no matter how small.

That’s what victory stretches are all about…small steps that take you out of your status quo, out of your comfort zone, and into that richer, fuller experience of the life you are born to live. And those are victories – even if they are the smallest, tiniest steps, they’re like muscle-building exercises.

The muscle you build are your victory muscles

And, lord knows I understand this: some things stick and some don’t. The trick is that you just keep trying. Eventually, all the “sticky ones” add up and make a difference – for you, your family, your community… maybe even the world.

Over ten years ago, I did my first interview for my first book, Victorious Woman! Shaping Life’s Challenges into Personal Victories, with the amazing Jean Ott. Jean didn’t have an easy time of it in her earlier life. However, she was determined to be victorious in her life. She kept learning and growing. Eventually she broke through glass ceilings in corporate America. Then Jean started Women Unlimited, the women’s leadership company that has put thousands of young women on a path to success.

Jean had this piece of advice:

“It’s never too late to start a new journey;
it doesn’t have to be a big journey,
it can be a little one.
Just start it.
You can tell yourself ‘OK, I’m going to give this a shot.
If it doesn’t work, I’ll try something else’.
But start it.”

What is something you want to start but haven’t yet? What’s one small thing you can do to get it started?

Let me know at the Victorious Woman Project.  Share it, celebrate it, and ask for advice from me and other Victory Chicks

May this month be your MOST VICTORIOUS one of 2017!!

#New Beginnings

Halloween Radio Wrap-Up

Annmarie at the station
Annmarie at the station

We had one “spooky” Halloween show!

I meandered around Halloween happenings, including…

  • The fabulous Halloween segment from this morning’s Today Show. They combined Halloween with Saturday Night Live, and the Today anchors did classic SNL. If you want to watch that segment, here’s the link…and you’re sure to laugh: Today Show Halloween
  • The Rusty Nail in Havertown (I should be embarrassed to admit I went there…but I did, and it’s a tiny part of my story)
  • Going to Scranton to dance with Flash mob: Thrill the World in Scranton (can you find me?)
  • The Thriller dance with Mark Rufflao and Jennifer Garner from the movie 13 Going on 30
  • And if you didn’t get to read about my adventures in Maine, you still can: The Maine Diaries

Then, THE Small Business Expert, Susan Solovic, joined me to talk about starting or growing your business. If you sign up for Susan’s newletter at, Susan will give you a free ebook on Marketing for Small business.

Finally, a sad good0bye to Brynn McKenry. My show’s producer and host of her own show is leaving WCHE for greener pastures. If you want to keep up with her, you’ll find Brynn at The Brynn Project
Today’s quotes was from astronaut Sally Ride who said “All adventures, especially into new territory, are scary.” So go do something this week that’ll scary you happy!

Stop Sabotage #9: Feedback

Jean Otte
Jean Otte

Seek Constructive Feedback

It’s so easy to stay in the same comfortable place, even when that place isn’t really where you want to be. Moving forward takes courage – it’ a victory. Yet sometimes you can work and work and not get ahead. Why? You need to find someone who will tell you the truth, and then you need to face it and make changes.

Jean Ott is the fabulous woman who started the women’s leadership company, Women Unlimited. When interviewed for Victorious Woman! Shaping Life’s Challenges into Personal Victories, Jean explained the role that constructive feedback had during her career – the kind that enabled her to break through a glass ceiling in one company and, later on, go on to start her own successful business.

During her spectacular career Jeanne received many hard critiques from her most-trusted mentor. Though Jean admits she never really wanted to hear the assessments and criticisms, she also understood about her mentor, “he cared enough to tell me things that got in my way, that held me back.” Looking back, when thinking about how she didn’t always like her mentor’s constructive feedback, it wasn’t always a surprise. Jeanne came to realize that, most of the time, when a trusted person tells you, deep down you already know it.

Unlike Self-Sabotage #7, Let Go Of Toxic People, the trusted person (a mentor, sponsor, coach, friend) doesn’t want to keep you in your place for his or her own self-serving reasons. Her/his feedback is constructive and gives suggestions for how to do better – to more easily get to your desired outcome or goal.

Constructive feedback is solid, makes sense and, somewhere in your being, you know it’s true.

If you think you don’t want feedback, consider something else Jeanne said in Victorious Woman. Jean wants to know how, if nobody ever gives you feedback, do you get better? It’s a point well-taken. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know…until someone shines a light on that hidden space.
Find a person, or persons, who will respectfully give you the kind of feedback that will enable you to get better and move forward into your very best self. The person should be someone you like, someone you trust and someone who is already where you want to be.
You can read Jean Otte’s story in Victorious Woman! Shaping Life’s Challenges into Personal Victories. You can learn more about Jean’s company, Women Unlimited

Don’t forget to checkout my newly updated companion workbook: Victory by Design!

Victorious Woman: Victory by Design Victory by Design gets you out of your boring comfort zone and skyrockets you though your personal glass ceiling so you can experience the personal power that is that greater, even more fabulous expression of the real you.
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  • November 6: How to Talk So People Will Listen webinar
  • November 18: Kelly’s Cafe – Coaching teleseminar

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Radio Wrap-Up: September 26

AnnmarieKelly.WCBM..webWe had fun with Marcia Reynolds today. She had some interesting ideas about the Wander Woman and The Discomfort Zone and about finding your purpose in midlife. And author Cindy Falteich (The Aloquit Sum) joined Annmarie for some serious Chick Chat. Cindy and I talked about a research article about how corporation aren’t utilizing some of their best talent – women! Here’s the actual article: Executive Pipline

In my monologue, I talked about an upcoming fundraiser, my anniversary in Cape May and Avalon and the man who hopes to die at 75. Here are those links:

  • The Fundraiser at Radley Run on October 17:  Grapes and Grain
  • Speaking of Cape May and Sunset Beach, take a look at the sunken ship from back in the day: SS Atlantus
  • Here’s that picture of Joseph and me at a gazebo in Avalon. It wasn’t cold, but it was a grey, cloudy and very windy day. But for all you beachlovers out there, you know that a bad day at the beach is still a good day!
  • This is the article by Ezekiel Emanuel: Why I Hope to Die at 75

Here’s Marcia Reynold’s website:  And Marcia has a “Discomfort Zone” assessment you can take at to rate how well you deal with uncomfortable conversations. And you will get tips on how to widen your “discomfort zone” based on your results.
Also, I mentioned an article Marcia Reynolds wrote for Psychology Today: Female Mid-Life Crisis
Hope to see you at Happy Hour next Friday!

Stop Sabotage #8: Let Go of Toxic People

Open-MindedAre Toxic People Stealing Your SELF?

Can people be toxic? You bet! Toxic people write on the walls of your mind, and color your thoughts and behaviors.
Toxic People are often close to you. They are the ones who say they love you or tell you things “for your own good.” The difference between a relationship with a toxic person and one with a healthy person is that the healthy person applauds your efforts to change, grow and be more of who you really are. On the other hand, the toxic person is someone who has a vested interest in keeping you the way you are. Using warnings, mocking, veiled cautions, and other tactics, toxic people discourage you from changing anything. In the process, toxic people steal you away from your true SELF.

Here are three reasons why toxic people don’t want you to change for the better:

  • The only way they can feel good is to make you feel bad, unimportant, or not enough. When you do something good – something that requires you to make a victory stretch – they either have to find something better that they did or make what you did seem not as important.
  • If you change, it’s like holding a mirror up to them. The toxic person may be forced to see themselves in a different way – and they probably like things just the way they are.  To avoid having to get honest with themselves, they will do and say things that will cause you to feel bad about yourself, such as using guilt or demeaning barbs, to keep you “in your place” – which means the place where they feel comfortable.
  • Your self-improvement plan makes them feel bad because they aren’t working on their own self-improvement. If all your friends smoke, drink or eat together (to excess), that’s something you have in common – and maybe the thing that holds you together. If you give up smoking, go on a diet or start exercising, your self-improvement might feel threatening to the relationship.

A toxic person is abusive.

Not physically, unless it’s domestic violence, and that is always toxic. Usually toxic people are damaging mentally and emotionally. They play to your lowest opinion of yourself and to your fears around positive change and healthy risk.
Got a toxic person or two in your life? Here’s how to handle it:

  1. Avoid/Disconnect from Toxic people: Ask yourself this question, “What purpose does this person serve in my life?” Ask and see what comes up in your head – don’t edit – just notice. Disconnect from all those people who you don’t support your life or make your life happier or better. If you can’t totally disconnect (the toxic person is your mother, a spouse or your child), then…
  2. Stop unnecessary and unproductive conflict. You can walk away from an argument, hang up the phone, stop returning emails. Here’s how to do it:
    • warn the toxic person that if they engage in toxic behavior again [make a degrading comment, start an argument, do a certain behavior], you’ll hang up or walk away or whatever your method is.
    • if it happens, do exactly what you say you’re going to do
      • in time, they will get the message and either stop connecting or change
  3. Boost your positive self-talk in advance. “I deserve to be well-treated by others” or  “thanks for your opinion; I’ll take it under consideration” and phrases you can practice and, when you use them, you’ll deflect their efforts.

Toxic people really serve no purpose in your life but to drag you down. They’re victory vampires who steal your energy and leave you feeling lesser about yourself and your life.

You can do better – you WILL do better once the toxic people are gone.

Don’t forget to checkout my newly updated companion workbook: Victory by Design!

Victorious Woman: Victory by Design Victory by Design gets you out of your boring comfort zone and skyrockets you though your personal glass ceiling so you can experience the personal power that is that greater, even more fabulous expression of the real you.
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Radio Wrap-Up: 1st Anniversay

First Anniversary of  the Friday Happy Hour Radio Show with Annmarie Kelly

Annmarie at the stationWhat fun today!It was the 1st anniversary of the show. I’m still so excited about talking to you every Friday. Most of the comments have been positive and I’ve taken other comments into consideration. I hope I’ve gotten better over the year, and that you’ve gotten good tips from my guests and a few laughs along the way.
Thanks so much for listening!!!
Today I talked with Peggy Klaus about how to brag…Peggy makes it seem so easy! I’ve been a fan of hers for years. Here’s Peggy’s article that I mentioned: We Not I?? We talked about a special quiz. Download it here: Take 12
Thanks to Pam Mariani for joining me for Chick Chat! We talked about the Fortune Magazine’s of the top fifty Most Powerful Women. Pam and I also had some laughs about the drive-by funerals. If you google “drive-by funerals” you ‘ll find out that it isn’t all that new…but tell me what you think about them.

Stop Sabotage #7: Toot Your Own Horn

inspired womenWhat’s So Good About You? Tell Me!

Brag? Not you, huh? Really? Why not?

Sure you hate those blowhards that do the littlest thing and, when they talk about it, make it seem like they saved the world. Conversely, you do big things but barely know how to say thank-you to compliments. You really aren’t comfortable bragging about your accomplishments. But you can learn.

If you don’t tell, nobody will know.

OK, maybe your small circle of work friends will know what you do at work. Or a trusted confidant will know what you do at home. But the facts are that, unless you toot your own horn, you’re playing yourself small. In the process, you’re cheating yourself out of what you’ve earned and deserve. What a way to sabotage your life!

Peggy Klaus, in her book, The Art of Tooting Your Horn Without Blowing, says you don’t have to go around boasting like those blowhards you hate. Instead, she suggests you learn how to tell stories. Start with her “Take Twelve” quiz. It will help you create a “brag bag.” Peggy compares the brag bag to a candy jar filled with treats. You fill it with “brag bites” which are “snippets of information about you” and “bragalogues” which are short (30 second to 3 minute) stories.

You  can also set up a file. In it you can keep stories of the times when you had a great result, took a risk and won, or you solved a big problem. You can also file all those good things people said to you when those things happened. And don’t forget those heart-felt compliments about your kindness, intuitiveness, and your other good qualities.

Then, tell your story with confidence and pizazz.

Think of tooting your horn the way Mae West explained personality as “the glitter that sends your little gleam across the footlights and the orchestra pit into the big black space where the audience is. ”

And tune in to hear Peggy Klaus give her tips for making bragging easy. She’ll be at The Friday Happy Hour with Annmarie Kelly today, September 19, 2014, 3-4pm eastern. Live and local on 1520am, live and global at  and on your android on

Stop Sabotage#6: Be Visible

Are your hiding your best SELF?

Are You Visible or Living “Under the Radar”

Women are responsible for 85% of all consumer purchases. Women over 50 control 75% of the wealth in the US. You’re very visible to people who want to sell you things.
Yet only 17% are top wage earners. Even worse, after a divorce, a woman’s lifestyle decreases by 40%.
Clearly there’s a disconnect. You can blame a glass or cement ceiling all you want. But very often, it’s self-sabotage. You let yourself be invisible to the people who should be noticing. They don’t notice because you aren’t doing the things that make the people who matter pay attention.
In today’s fast-paced world, it’s hard to get attention from anyone – especially your boss or your kids – unless you make a little noise. The old adage stands: the squeaky wheel gets the grease. You don’t have to be obnoxious about it, but you do have to get in the game.
What can you do? Here are three suggestions:

  • Volunteer. Don’t just jump on a committee and do the work. Head a team and practice your leadership skills.
  • Network with key people in other departments. Don’t just be friends, let them know what you do and that you are good at it. When people know you and like you, they find a way to do business with you.
  • Make yourself unavailable. One woman adopted the “24-hour rule.” She would do anything for family and friends as long as she had a twenty-four hour notice. If they didn’t give her that, she said “no” and reminded them of the rule; she didn’t feel guilty about it. Pretty soon her family and friends started noticing how much she did for them – especially when they had to do it themselves!

Poke you head up and give it a go. Yes, being visible will feel uncomfortable at first. Others might be shocked. But if you have something to say, they might also appreciate it differently – and give your opinions more weight. More importantly, they will see something in you that they hadn’t seen before – something that might be just the quality that is needed for that other job – the one with more money and more power. Expect the missteps but victory up and keep going. You never know whose life might change for the better because you do!

Radio Wrap-Up: August 15

AnnmarieKelly.WCBM..webPsychic Readings, Little League World Series, and Mid-Life Reinventions were today’s Hot Topics.

Once again, the amazing psychic Christi Cavallo joined us. Christi calls us from Florida, but she’s a Jersey girl. She has that down-to-earth style that we all seem to love. If you want to know more about her, check out her bio HERE. And Christi has a special 2-for-1 offer. Contact Christi HERE and she’ll set up an appointment; you can pay online. I did that a couple weeks ago and I was happy with what she told me – not fortune teller stuff, but life advice kinds of info.

I talked about the Taney Dragons, the Little League team with the 13-year-old female pitcher, Mo’ne Davis. Here’s an article about her. They played their first 2014 World Series game today. If they win, they’ll advance…and thanks to the pitching arm of Mo’ne…she puts a whole new spin on throwing like a girl!!

And I mentioned another story about a female pitcher – Edith Houghton – who played on an all-girls team in 1925. They played against a men’s team in Japan. She also played on a military team, later on,  became a talent scout. Here’s that article from the Inquirer: Edith Houghton

This month’s Victorious Woman theme is about reinventions, second chances and do-overs. You can go to the CONNECT page for the TOP TEN LIST for how to make the most of a do-over. And, if you’ve done some reinventing and have a tips or two that you want to share, you can do it at the Question of the Month.
Tune in next week when I’m talking to Sharon Pinkenson, the Executive Director of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office. We’re on every Friday live and local on WCHE1520AM and live and online at