Do-Over Tip#10: Focus

6.20.14 047The Power of Focus

A recent Victorious Woman survey indicated that distractions are a woman’s biggest goal-achieving challenge. Not surprising – women are so used to multi-tasking and giving their time to help others, that they often get side-tracked.
But it’s not just other people that create the distraction. Most women have many interests and talents. It’s easy to pay attention to that shiny thing over there instead of focusing on that boring, tedious thing right in front of you. And that’s how your life gets to feeling fractured and unproductive and lacking the satisfaction of purpose.

Fifteen years ago I joined a behavior modification program for weight loss. It became the focus of my life. My B-mod program and my work were the main things I worked on. I gave those two things about 80% of my attention, time and energy. The rest went to my relationship with Joseph. Over the course of twenty-four months I lost fifty pounds. I maintained that weight loss for over ten years.

Then my mom got older and needed progressively more care-giving. Though I’m one of four children, I felt more and more like I was the only child (many of you know what I’m talking about!). I lost my PPF – personal positive focus.
When my mom died, and I got fully back to my work, my business felt like a hobby and I was twenty pounds heavier. Though I had no regrets for using my time the way I did, at the same time I had to start over – not what I anticipated at that stage of my career. And taking off twenty pounds in midlife is not a piece of cake.
Still, difficult doesn’t mean impossible. You can trust me and my experience when I tell you that you can only manage a challenge by staying laser focused on your end game.
Do-overs and Second Chances demand that you order your priorities, be crystal clear about what you want to do (your goals), how you’ll do it (your strategy) and laser-focused on completing tasks. When you do, step-by-step, you turn your life around and experience the joy that second chances promise: the life you love living.

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