Radio-Wrap-Up: Happiness Edition

AnnmarieKelly.WCBM_..web_-150x120Today is about HAPPINESS!! First, it’s the TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Friday Happy Hour. I’m really happy about that…and I THANK YOU all for joining me for Happy Hour each week. Whether you’re listening while sipping a little wine or still at your work desk, I’m glad you stop by each week!! THANK YOU!!!
And today’s conversation was with the Ambassador to Happiness, Maura Sweeney! She’s right…happiness is an inside out job! You can find more about Maura at her website: Maura Sweeney. And, as because you’re a listener of Annmarie Kelly’s Friday Happy Hour, Maura is gifting you a link to her book: Exiting the Comfort Zone
If you missed my Vision Board show last week, you can still listen to the podcast – BUT DO IT FAST!! It will only be available for you on the WCHE website until Monday: Vision Board Podcast
I talked about how Carly Fiorina is no shrinking violet. When Donald Trump mocked Fiorina’s looks, not only did she reason that she must be getting under Trump’s skin, but she came out with a FABULOUS commercial. If you missed it, here it is: The Face of Leadership
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The Maine Diaries is a fun look at my annual adventure to New England where I unwind from normal life and reconnect with myself.

I was captivated by the Maine Coast on my first trip there in the late 90’s. In the years since, I’ve traveled up and down the coast from Kittery to Calais but I spend most of my Maine time Downeast. I love the adventures I have and the chance to unwind from the world and restore my inner clarity. I chronicle my experiences in The Maine Diaries.

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