The Five-Year Marriage: Advice For Couples

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The Five-Year Marriage Provides Great Relationship Advice 

So many people want to achieve their happily ever after through marriage, and yet many people also acknowledge that marriages often fail. Couples who are wary of the topic of marriage but who are interested in committing to one another can find an alternative to traditional marriage The Five-Year Marriage: Shifting the Marriage ParadigmI’m Annmarie Kelly, and The Five-Year Marriage is the plan by which my husband and I have shared the past 30+, taking it only 5 years at a time. 

The Five-Year Marriage: Advice For Couples 

Should you choose to enter a five-year marriage with your partner, you will work together to determine the terms of your five-year marriage. You will form an agreement that you will assess at the end of your five-year term and then determine, as a pair, if you’re ready to continue with another five-year marriage. Traditional marriages are often built on assumptions past the marriage day. You promised ‘forever,’ so that’s the plan that married couples feel they have to stick to regardless of changes in their lives. The five-year marriage, on the other hand, encourages couples to acknowledge change, to make room for it in their relationship, and to not take each other for granted. 

In addition to offering an alternative option for marriage, The Five-Year Marriage offers great advice for couples. Even couples who aren’t entirely sure if a five-year marriage plan is for them can benefit from a new perspective on relationships and commitment. Get your copy of The Five-Year Marriage today for relationship advice for you and your partner. 

The Five-Year Marriage Offers The Best Advice For Engaged And Married Couples 

I’m Annmarie Kelly. Over my career as an author, empowerment speaker, radio host, and victory strategist, I’ve had the pleasure of being able to help and empower many women. Now, I’m offering much-needed advice to engaged and married couples who are looking for an alternative to traditional marriage. If you want to learn more about how The Five-Year Marriage can offer you the advice you and your partner have been looking for, click through to read more about The Five-Year Marriage or contact me today

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What is the Five-Year Marriage®?

Created by Annmarie Kelly, the Five-Year Marriage® is a concept of restructuring marriage agreements every five years to take into consideration external and internal changes happening to each person in the relationship. This periodic assessment of each person’s happiness, fulfillment, obligations and goals creates a safe space for each person to grow and change, together. The result is a relationship that grows stronger and more intimate over time. This collection of articles is a dep dive into the  different concepts proposed in the book, The Five-Year Marriage® and deserve a space for additional exploration and discussion.

Five Year Marriage

The Five-Year Marriage is a ground-breaking new concept for marriage. Every five year the couple spiritually ends one marriage and begins a new one - with new agreements and goals

Marriage advice

Articles, tips and tools for married couples. This advice encourages habits and practices that empower both people in the relationship.

relationship advice

Advice from award winning author Annmarie Kelly. Her approach is to empower both people in a relationship so that no one is left behind.

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